Levi Cuss “Just Below Radio – Volumes 1 & 2” (Independent 2017)

This offering is a double EP from Canadian Levi Cuss, a Steve Earle lookalike with similar attitude and style. Quite why the EP’s do not form a full album is not clear but whatever the reason these are two really good bluesy offerings. Both EP’s were recorded at the Henhouse Studios in Nashville owned by Steve Dawson a renowned Canadian artist and producer who has not only produced these records but also plays acoustic and electric guitars and pedal steel.

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Drive by Truckers release charity single tackling racism – Watch

A live version to be precise but it includes a new song which is always a lovely thing to behold from DBT. Rolling Stone reports: “Patterson Hood considers himself to be a pretty cynical person. As one of the leaders of Drive-By Truckers, he’s spent the past 20-plus years channeling that cynicism into writing songs that expose the dark urges and broken promises of the American project in songs like “Putting People on the Moon,” “Goode’s Field Road” and most recently, “What It Means,” a meditative Black Lives Matter-era commentary on race and police brutality that appears on their excellent new album American Band.  Continue reading “Drive by Truckers release charity single tackling racism – Watch”

Interview: Emily Barker

Emily Barker is one of those names that has been around the UK Americana scene, since it was both identified as a ‘scene’ and as a distinct musical genre.  A pathfinder, a trailblazer, and first with her Red Clay Halo, then as part of Applewood Road a consistent purveyor of great music.  She stretches the musical parameters, and possibly herself with a wonderfully soul soaked new record, Sweet Kind of Blue, recorded in Memphis. Continue reading “Interview: Emily Barker”

Gabriel Moreno and The Quivering Poets “Farewell Belief” (Amber Records, 2017)

You might find him playing in a smoky underground backstreet cellar bar in the Spanish quarter of Soho – perhaps Mannette Street, where the San Miguel flows and the tapas are passed around. It’s certainly the image that’s conjured when the Quivering Poets strike up. Not that they have any flamenco tendencies or Catalonian sensibilities to their music as such. It’s more the ghost of a flavour – embittered lyrics sung over the folk-noir of an ensemble of musicians brought together from Barcelona and London by troubadour poet Gabriel Moreno, a veteran of 25 years of the ancient tradition. Continue reading “Gabriel Moreno and The Quivering Poets “Farewell Belief” (Amber Records, 2017)”