El Goodo “By Order of the Moose” (Strangetown Records, 2017)

With bands like El Goodo you have to buy into what they’re doing or not engage at all. They indulge in a glorious nostalgia for 1960’s music – the signifiers are all decades old, they’re not about to break new ground, they’re just going to expand the pool of music inspired by the period, a Nuggets band where every day is an episode of The Prisoner. The test is how good they are at what they do, and El Goodo are amongst the best. Continue reading “El Goodo “By Order of the Moose” (Strangetown Records, 2017)”

Chris Stapleton “Millionaire” – Listen

Like the sickly sweet shortbread of the same name, Chris “Staple Gun” Stapleton has released Millionaire, a new song from his forthcoming album “From A Room: Volume 2.” which is a cover of the Kevin Welch country classic featuring Morgane Stapleton on harmony vocals. The album will be released December 1 on Mercury Records Nashville/Decca and is now available to pre-order digitally and with exclusive limited-edition bundles. He is very beardy though, no escaping it.

Jason Isbell appears on Andrew Marr Show

Jason Isbell made an appearance on the Andrew Marr show yesterday morning playing the track If We Were Vampires from his latest album.  Described by Marr as “the maverick star of americana” you can catch the performance in the last five minutes of the show here although be warned if you click back to early you may have to endure the horror of watching Jeremy Hunt look like he expects to be given the job of Chancellor in the not too distant future.  And if the track whets your appetite, why not catch his whole Tiny Desk Concert below. Continue reading “Jason Isbell appears on Andrew Marr Show”

Jesse Dayton +James Edwyn & The Borrowed Band, Stereo, Glasgow, Wednesday 25th October 2017

“It might get loud in here,” Jesse Dayton’s opening words on arriving on stage for this hotly anticipated gig. He wasn’t kidding. From the moment he and his two sidekicks slammed into Daddy Was A Badass, the bass drum was thumping in my chest while Dayton’s guitar was a direct attack on the eardrums, a cracking start to one of the most energetic shows of the year so far.  Holy Ghost Rock’N’Roller followed in similar hi octane fashion, a distorted wall of sound blasting from the stage before the band paused for Jesse to say hello to the crowd, greeting some old friends and their old T-shirts. The Way We Are then lurched into sight, its outlaw country beat loping along with Dayton’s guitar squawking like a chicken at times. Continue reading “Jesse Dayton +James Edwyn & The Borrowed Band, Stereo, Glasgow, Wednesday 25th October 2017”

First Aid Kit post new track from next album – Listen

The one time in life that a first aid kit is a good sign is when it’s the name of a Swedish band, and so rejoice on a Friday afternoon as Rolling Stone report: “For First Aid Kit, the angelic-sounding Swedish sister duo, life experience has brought them a more urgent connection to artists that inspired them, like Townes Van Zandt and the Carter Family. This connection is at the core of “Postcard,” the newest song from their forthcoming LP, Ruins, due on January 19th. Premiering exclusively in a lyric video on Rolling Stone Country, “Postcard” sets Klara and Johanna Söderberg to a twangy, Gram Parson-esque piano line that says a final farewell to a fading romance.  Continue reading “First Aid Kit post new track from next album – Listen”

Pop Co-Op “Four State Solution” (Silent Bugler Records, 2017)

I like records that start with a swift kick to the ears. Pop Co-Op waste no time with If Everything Was Easy – it jackboots with a stuttering drum and a mighty burst of guitar that sounds like J Mascis in his prime squirting his squalling guitar all over Buffalo Tom. It helps that they also find a chorus to show that it’s not one-dimensional – oh but that guitar, my faint heart. They spend the next 11 songs seemingly attempting to make it sound like a compilation album. I Didn’t Know is all Andrew Gold polished soft rock, then Feint of Heart aims straight for Nashville and lands slap bang in the centre. That’s what happens when you have four songwriters and vocalists. Continue reading “Pop Co-Op “Four State Solution” (Silent Bugler Records, 2017)”