Bennett Wilson Poole “Bennett Wilson Poole” (AURORA, 2018)

 Bennett Wilson Poole’s eleven track debut album has strong vocal and guitar throughout, feeling like the true definition of an americana band. The supergroup made of Tony Poole (Starry Eyed and Laughing), Robin Bennett (The Dreaming Spires) and Danny Wilson (Danny and The Champions Of The World) has a strong Crosby, Stills Nash and Young influence to it, which will take listeners of a certain age back to their younger days. Continue reading “Bennett Wilson Poole “Bennett Wilson Poole” (AURORA, 2018)”

Handsomes continue their 20th anniversary tour

The Handsome Family are nearly halfway through their biggest UK tour to date which is good news if you happen to live near the places they haven’t been yet. 25 years into their career now, Rennie and Brett Sparks’ twisted take on Americana was given a boost when a track from their 2003 ‘Singing Bones’ album ‘Far From Any Road’ was plucked from relative obscurity to be used as the theme tune for the first season of ‘True Detective’ in 2015. Since then, the track has been streamed over 50 million times and counting. Continue reading “Handsomes continue their 20th anniversary tour”

cua “Songs Of The Hollow” (Anseoceol, 2017)

The latest release from this Irish trio stands right at the forefront of contemporary cutting-edge folk and even that description sells it a little short. This trio are not just folk musicians (although that is their dominant sound) but take influences from across the globe and a variety of musical styles – classical, jazz and more – with invigorating results. The three voices of John Davidson, Shane Booth and Ros O’Meara are the drivers for the music and they merge together to create a mighty and inspiring sound on the likes of ‘Hot Blooded’ and the righteous anger of the acapella ‘The Other Man’. Continue reading “cua “Songs Of The Hollow” (Anseoceol, 2017)”

Echo Bloom “Green” (Independent, 2018)

This album gets off to a great start. The opening track ‘Comet’ is an atmospheric number, tightly played but with plenty of space and texture to the music. Second track ‘Duke’ is gritty and a great change of pace from the opener, with a good guitar tone and some terrific vocal work from frontman Kyle Evans, backed up by keyboard player Aviva Jaye. At this point this is a really interesting album with a lot of promise. Continue reading “Echo Bloom “Green” (Independent, 2018)”

The Guardian talks to Emmylou Harris

Well when we say “talk” we mean fire the usual round of q & as they have on a Saturday with random celebrities, but nonetheless it’s better than hearing Jeremy Clarkson list his ideal dinner party guests as Katy Hopkins, Genghis Khan, King Herod and Goebbels.  Emmylou talks about rethinking her career, laughing with Dolly Parton and shopping with Neil Young (probably best in that order). You can find it over at the Guardian here and while you’re reading it (very slowly) why not listen to 22 of her greatest hits below. Continue reading “The Guardian talks to Emmylou Harris”

The 286 “Time Immemorial” – Listen

The 286 are a London based musical collective brought together when Spencer Hannabuss posted an advert on the internet for classical musicians to join his band.  Time Immemorial is The 286’s first single to be released this year, and the blend of finger-picked guitar is likely to bring to mind ‘Blackbird’, ‘She’s Leaving Home’, and, if out ears don’t deceive us, a little bit of ‘She’.  A song, then, with influences – but pretty enough in its own right.

Decemberists will tour the UK in November

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice ! This November will see the long awaited return to these hallowed shores of, arguably, the greatest band in the world currently touring.  A strong claim, but one which you don’t really want to disagree with – we’re more than happy to argue the point.  Endlessly.  And anyway, why argue ?  Isn’t it enough to know that in a few mere months the streets of our fine cities will echo to the clipping blakey studded heels of Jenny Conlee, Nate Query, John Moen, Chris Funk and Colin Meloy?  Continue reading “Decemberists will tour the UK in November”

The Vagaband “Something Wicked This Way Comes” (Eggsong Recordings, 2018)

Nine piece Norwich band The Vagaband surpass their fine second album with this rollicking mix of Dylan and Ronnie Lane like Romany swirls, full bodied and city sullied dramas and just plain old good fashioned songs. With the core of the band well able to rock and swing out their battalion of instruments allow them to range far and wide with elements of folk, jazz and country all encompassed. It’s an eclectic mix but it’s held together by front man José McGill who has one of those voices perfectly suited for singing vagabond songs, slightly nasal, unenforced , dare we say, Dylanesque? Continue reading “The Vagaband “Something Wicked This Way Comes” (Eggsong Recordings, 2018)”