Neil Young “Hitchhiker” (Reprise 2017)

This is truly lost treasure indeed. In the midst of a purple patch (that most artists never see) in the year 1976 Neil Young went into the studio with his drug buddy producer David Briggs. They took with them some dope, some coke, some new songs and sense of artistry that perhaps has disappeared in the interim. With the simple question “Are you ready Briggs?” Young launches into a single night’s recording wherein he laid down 10, in any language, classic tracks. Continue reading “Neil Young “Hitchhiker” (Reprise 2017)”

Paul Messinger “America 2.0 – Assorted Tales and The New Myth” (Independent 2017)

America 2.0 is an extraordinary album that attempts to examine the very concept of what America is in the Trump era and what it means to be part of the great American melting pot. It is massive in its ambition and scope and it very nearly pulls it off. Messinger is patently a very savvy and politicised observer who use his lyrics and devastating harmonica skills to lead his band through a range of styles and tropes encompassing gospel, dustbowl blues, reggae and straight ahead rock n roll.

Continue reading “Paul Messinger “America 2.0 – Assorted Tales and The New Myth” (Independent 2017)”

Tracey Nelson/Mother Earth “Poor Man’s Paradise” (Floating World, 2017)

This is a re-release of an album which was originally lost in 1973 during one of the regular record business personnel purges that take place as companies buy others out and personal grudges muddy the waters of taste and musicianship. A definite life changing decision as this album possesses all the elements of a classic 70’s country blues and soul album of the type that Aretha excelled at and even Carole King dabbled in. A strong female voice, some great tunes, a stirring horn section and some very snappy arrangements. Somebody made a very poor decision back then. Continue reading “Tracey Nelson/Mother Earth “Poor Man’s Paradise” (Floating World, 2017)”

Romantica “Shadowlands” (At The Helm Records, 2017)

Opening with ‘Let The Light Go Through You’ Ben Kyle’s first release for seven years in the guise of Romantica is a wash of lush arrangement and hymnal vocals where his Irish inflexions are highlighted. There is more than a touch of Damien Rice here with the narrative vocals and seemingly effortless harmonies. Recorded in a barn in the wilds of Southwestern Minnesota, there is never a sense of the ramshackle or careworn about either the production or the songs. ‘Harder to Hear’ has a beautiful, crystal quality to its chorus and guitar-work that talks of Electric Ladyland rather than Emmet Stussy’s back yard. Continue reading “Romantica “Shadowlands” (At The Helm Records, 2017)”

Sarah Jane Scouten “When The Bloom Falls From The Rose” (Light Organ Records 2017)

Opening with the stately ‘Acre of Shells,’ this album sets its stall out from the very off, with crystal clear production illuminating each instrument and elevating the Patsy Cline like vocals to front and centre. This is even evident in the scuzzy, garage rock style second track ‘Bang, Bang’, a shouty, rocky nonsense that leavens the staid pill of track one. This is echoed by the similarly upbeat ‘Paul’ but otherwise this album is more about reflections in a traditional folky/ country style. Continue reading “Sarah Jane Scouten “When The Bloom Falls From The Rose” (Light Organ Records 2017)”

Banditos “Visionland” (Bloodshot Records, 2017)

Bursting forth from the grooves with the dynamic opener ‘Fine, Fine Day’ this album announces its presence with brio and verve. A fantastic piece of Stooges like driving rock so breathless that the vocals appear to be struggling to keep up. Second track ‘Strange Heart’ is completely different; a gothic noirish delight with some keening vocals set over an insistent sharp backing with some delightful swirling guitar flourishes. A Southern delight that would not have been out of place soundtracking the first True Detective series. And then it’s gone Continue reading “Banditos “Visionland” (Bloodshot Records, 2017)”

Jeff Tweedy ” Together At Last” (DBpm 2017)

To some, Jeff Tweedy and Wilco were the people that made the noughties worth living with his and their shards of myopic observation and songs of equal delicacy and wanton destruction. ‘Together at Last’ is a collection of Tweedy’s songs stripped bare of ornamentation and simply placed one after another in no particular order featuring only Tweedy on guitar and vocals with the occasional toot of a harmonica to leaven the puritanical taste. And this is the vibe. Respectful, almost hushed reverence as classic songs unfold simply with stark arrangements beautifully produced in the now famed Loft studio. Continue reading “Jeff Tweedy ” Together At Last” (DBpm 2017)”