Hickory Signals “Noise of the Waters” EP (Hickory Signals, 2016)

hickory-signals-2-jpegIf you are a fan of the awesome Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage and you loved their recent supremely divine album Before the Sun then you are going to love, the new 6-track EP from Brighton-based folkateers, Hickory Signals which has just been released. At their recent gig at Union Chapel, supporting Sarah Jarosz, accolades were running thick and fast, like a delicious meaty broth for Sanders and Savage, whom, if the venerable Pete Frame were still composing his family trees, would confirm that Hickory Signals, if not exactly living on the same strasse as Sanders and Savage, well, were living in the same stockade, in a similar cosy hamlet. Continue reading “Hickory Signals “Noise of the Waters” EP (Hickory Signals, 2016)”

Justin Wells “Dawn in the Distance” (August Music, 2016)

justin-wells-jpegLiving in these ‘post-truth’ times, after the disaster of the Brexit result and the uncertainty following The Donald’s recent election victory and imminent move into the White House, we have to take cold comfort where we can find it. Just in time, Justin Wells, has shown up with his new solo album Dawn in The Distance. Wells used to be a member of Kentucky based-band Fifth on the Floor until they split late in 2014. Continue reading “Justin Wells “Dawn in the Distance” (August Music, 2016)”

Doghouse Roses “Lost is Not Losing” (Yellowroom Music, 2016)


doghouse-roses-jpegDear Danny Boyle, if it’s not too late, you should consider some of the tracks from the new Doghouse Roses album for inclusion on the Trainspotting 2 soundtrack. Danny, I know that you know they’re from Glasgow (and not Leith Walk) and that Lost Is Not Losing is their third album. I guess you’ve already picked up on the buzz that Iona Macdonald’s voice has been creating way above and far below the Trossachs. But did you know that there are tracks on Lost is Not Losing that could have been tailor-made with Renton, Spud, Sick Boy, and Begbie in mind? Continue reading “Doghouse Roses “Lost is Not Losing” (Yellowroom Music, 2016)”

Corey Isenor “A Painted Portrait (Of The Classic Ruse)” (Independent, 2016)

coery-isenor-cd-cover‘Hi, you’re through to the Corey hotline: just $4.95 a minute. Here are some words that rhyme with Corey: glory, story, allegory, Montesori…’ If Lisa Simpson could hear this new album from Mr. Isenor, she’d fall in love with Corey all over again and be in deep trouble with Marge over a new phone bill she’d dialled up to the wilds of Nova Scotia. The delicate eco-environment, his beloved Nova Scotian countryside and his fine arts background permeate every glorious note of Corey Isenor’s music. Continue reading “Corey Isenor “A Painted Portrait (Of The Classic Ruse)” (Independent, 2016)”

Ben Millburn “Local Honey” EP (Independent, 2016)

ben-millburn-local-honey-2016It was Marcel Proust who wrote: ‘To a young pup in love, a bitch’s ass smells sweet.’ Austin, Texas resident, Ben Milburn has testified a true story, on his new ‘Local Honey’ EP, that to this young pooch, his beloved was the sweetest, most fragrant thing he had ever experienced in his life; before she finished him, crushed under heel like an empty packet of cigarettes; dismissed like a dog, pausing only to yell, ‘Smell ya later, Sucka!’ Milburn’s EP is like a mini-opera in four acts: boy meets girl, boy adores girl, girl fools boy into thinking she likes him too, then girl takes him for all he’s got and throws him away like an empty book of motel matches. Continue reading “Ben Millburn “Local Honey” EP (Independent, 2016)”

The O’s “Honeycomb” (Smith Music Group, 2016)

1455042856_the-os-honeycomb-2016-flacOMG! A new LP from The O’s! The O’s specialise in up-tempo toe-tappers driven by banjo and guitar that are simply irresistible. Naturally, being good boys from Dallas, Texas, Taylor Young and John Pedigo are the epitome of clean-living gentlemen and mind their p’s and q’s on this new platter, produced by their chum, Chris ‘Frenchie’ Smith. The O’s are the sort of young men mothers love and their daughters will want to be their BFF’s. Continue reading “The O’s “Honeycomb” (Smith Music Group, 2016)”

The Bills “Trail of Tales” (Borealis, 2016)

the-bills-trail-of-tales-cd-artworkFive days before his death from typhoid fever and the final tertiary stage of syphilis in November 1828, Franz Schubert requested that a friend, Karl Holz, bring his string quartet to his deathbed and play for him Beethoven’s sublime String Quartet in C Sharp Major Op. 131. This divine sound was the last music Schubert ever heard, and he was reputed to have said: ‘Now, I can die happy,’ before he drifted into unconsciousness and death. Canadian ensemble The Bills have a distinctive chamber music sound infused with their frontier roots music. Continue reading “The Bills “Trail of Tales” (Borealis, 2016)”