Dirty Dozen: The Whiskey Gentry

Following the release of their first two acclaimed albums, Please Make Welcome (2011) and Holly Grove (2013), the Atlanta-based band The Whiskey Gentry are set to release their third full-length studio album entitled Dead Ringer on April 7th. On it, the husband and wife duo of Lauren Staley & Jason Morrow and bandmates have created an effort that builds on many of the sounds of their previous albums – incorporating deep country, Americana, honky-tonk, bluegrass and a stiff shot of gritty rock ’n’ roll, yet it also finds the band testing themselves and pushing beyond their own boundaries. Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: The Whiskey Gentry”

Dirty Dozen: The Nightjar

Drawing influence from the surreal atmospherics of Grouper, the stark and poignant balladry of Diane Cluck and the deft compositions of Colleen, The Nightjar use close-harmonies, tight-interlocking guitars, deep bass and an intense lead vocal to paint fragile, haunting landscapes for their dream-like, ethereal songs of hope, loss and disaster. Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: The Nightjar”

Dirty Dozen: Cassady Southern

Cassady Southern’s new single “Breakdown” is a paean to broken love and showcases the ability of Cassady’s writing to uncover the vulnerable truths within all of us. Cassady’s poetic lyrics and unique delivery are enhanced by the signature sound of guitarist extraordinaire Wolf Mail, and the rock-solid rhythm section of Reuben J Alexander and bassist Brad Fitter. Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Cassady Southern”

Dirty Dozen: Dirty River

This dynamic duo are passionate storytellers who have only just begun to tell their story. Not ever wanting to be labelled as fitting into a particular genre, they find their style in everything from heartfelt folk ballads to alternative country blues. Individually they each bring something unique to the sound, but together they create a vibe that takes their audience on an epic musical journey. Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Dirty River”

Dirty Dozen: Aaron Lee Tasjan

Like a modern day Cosmic Cowboy, Tasjan creates a heady blend of country-flecked rock-n-roll, veering from acoustic blues to garage-pop psych to smooth Nashville sounds to lush Laurel Canyon fare… filled with Tasjan’s remarkable story-telling, imbued with wry wit, a sharp tongue and a lot of heart – bringing to mind the showmanship and humour of Josh Tillman (Father John Misty – whose bassist Eli Thomson produced Silver Tears), as well as Harry Nilsson and Tom Petty. Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Aaron Lee Tasjan”

Dirty Dozen: James Parry

James Parry lives at the other end of the Earth in Hobart, Tasmania and writes independent folk-pop songs. Soft echoes of his island home can be heard in his stories of lives intertwining and colliding. His songs feature sparkling guitars, cool organ and deft drums, over which his searing vocals deliver colourful lyrics packed with subtle details for the sharp listener to unravel. Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: James Parry”

Dirty Dozen: Jessica Rhaye

Jessica Rhaye is a singer/songwriter from the east coast of Canada who recently released her 5th independent album “Song in Me”; a blend of folk / country / Americana music.   Also an established and award winning graphic design artist, Jessica’s music has been nominated for numerous song-writing awards, including the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, East Coast Music Awards and a Canadian Folk Music Award.    Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Jessica Rhaye”