Want to submit something to review?

If you’re thinking of sending us your new album or EP for review, we have changed our policy from January 1st 2018 to accepting submissions by digital download (although writers may still be in touch to ask for a physical CD if you have them).

Please read the instructions below explaining the new process.

“I’m a promoter, label and/or artist and would like to send Americana UK an album or EP for review – how do I go about it?”

Please send us a download link to this email address. The email should contain a link to stream/download your album along with any PR materials. Please do not attach MP3s to your email or our mailbox will get full up!  If your release gets selected for review, the writer covering it may contact you for a physical copy if you have that available.

“Can I send the release for the attention of a particular writer?”

Albums get allocated to writers on a random basis so there’s kind of a democracy going on. There’s nothing to stop you sending a copy to a particular reviewer directly if you really want them to hear it, but it probably won’t be them reviewing it for the site.

“Do you review singles?”

We don’t review singles sorry.

“My album hasn’t been reviewed.  Omgfg you hate it.”

Unfortunately we don’t have enough writers to cover even half of what we’re sent so if your release doesn’t get reviewed, it’ll be an issue of capacity more and no judgement on the quality of your material.

“What genres do you cover?”

We cover left-field americana, folk and indie/alternative with a folk or twang bent.  We don’t cover Nashville-esque mainstream country, stuff branded americana that sounds like mainstream country, blues, R&B, soul or any genres that don’t fall under our still rather wide americana umbrella.

“That list seems very specific. Chill, man. (or woman).”

We’re not judging the genres, just ensuring we cover stuff that we know something about. If you’re not sure, try us (unless you voted for Trump, we have our standards).

“What about vinyl or books?”

Writers love to receive vinyl or books as they’re still rare as hen’s teeth (actually this apparently isn’t the case anymore) but please contact us before sending as we will need to give you a direct mailing address for whoever is covering it if they choose to.

“I desperately want to send you a proper CD still.”

That’s fine so long as it’s not on CDR – if you do, please send to Americana UK, 42 Bridge Road, Liverpool, L18 5EG, UK.

“This is a complete turnaround from your previous policy for the last 14 years.”

Sorry. The times they are a changin’  my friend.