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electric-guitarIt’s that time of year again when Christmas is round the corner and the creaking signs of post-capitalism eating itself are evident in every snow filled shop window dressed by George Osborne’s (RIP) living wage.  Let’s face it, there might not be a world around to celebrate Christmas next year, so on that cheery note, why not turn your attention to better things, such as who have been your saviors over the last eleven months and made the year feel worth living.    And if you have difficult remembering, why not have a trawl through our archives, both on the new site and our old one here.    Get your votes in to us by Sunday 18th December and we’ll publish the results before our Christmas break.  Plus one lucky person will be drawn at random and sent a batch of promos to listen to at your leisure. Quality assured. Happy voting!  (Please note – you don’t have to complete every category but if you complete just one a la an engineered Twitterstorm then we won’t count your vote sorry – you can vote for the stormee, but do vote for some other people in other categories.  Ta.)

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