Want to send us a CD?

Please note our new mailing address below, but don’t worry if you’ve sent it to the old one, mail is still being forwarded from there.

If you’re thinking of sending us a CD for review consideration, please read the below for details on how to do this – please note we cannot accept CDRs or demos unfortunately, mainly because of the sheer volume of material that would come through.  There’s not many of us and most of us have limited capacity to multi-task.

“I’m a promoter, label and/or artist and would like to send Americana UK CD(s) for review – how do I go about it?”

Please send all promotional material to the following mailing address:

Americana UK
Reviews Department
42 Bridge Road
L18 5EG
United Kingdom 

Please note: By sending us your album you acknowledge that a track may be included on our monthly compilation which is provided to a small group of supporters, which will hopefully give some publicity to your release.  If you do not wish for a track to be included, please let us know with a note attached to your CD.

“Can I mark my CD for the attention of a particular writer?”

CDs get allocated to writers on a random basis so there’s kind of a democracy going on. There’s nothing to stop you sending an extra copy to a particular reviewer directly if you really want them to hear it, but it probably won’t be them reviewing it for the site.

“My CD hasn’t been reviewed.  You clearly hate it.”

Unfortunately we don’t have enough writers to cover even half of what we’re sent so if your CD doesn’t get reviewed, it’ll be an issue of capacity more and no judgement on the quality of your material.

“What genres do you cover?”

We cover left-field americana, folk and indie/alternative with a folk or twang bent.  We don’t cover Nashville-esque mainstream country, stuff branded americana that sounds like mainstream country, blues, R&B, soul or any genres that don’t fall under our wide americana umbrella. We’re not judging the genres, just ensuring we cover stuff that we know something about.

“That list seems very specific. Are you music fascists?”

If you’re not sure, try us – but we can’t return CDs sadly.  However anything we don’t sell goes to a good home by raising money for nice lefty charities.  Your CD will end up in a nice home somewhere, not a hole.  If you hate the idea of that, there’s always bro-country.com (a site probably exists with this name).

“What about vinyl?”

Writers love to receive vinyl as they’re still rare as hen’s teeth (actually this apparently isn’t the case any more) but please contact us before sending as we may need to give you a different mailing address.

“What about digital download links?”

We struggle to get them covered by writers but drop us a line if this is all you have.  Save the planet, etc.