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Video: Watchhouse “New Star”

“Someday we’ll be older…at least we’re all in this together,” sing Watchhouse on their delicate, calming single ‘New Star’ and, after our lives have been on hold for so many months, these simple, direct lines […]

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  • The first solo album from the talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist K.C. Jones is an impressive dive into old and new Americana. K.C. Jones (a.k.a. Kelli Jones-Savoy) may be deeply influenced by divergent styles of music, [...]
  • Mixing melancholy and introspection with uplifting and inspiriting songs. There seem to be good things happening musically in Norway, this being one of many Americana and folk nuanced records to come my way from the [...]
  • artwork for GoldenOak Room To Grow
    Climate Change gets an Americana mouthpiece. From their origins in the family garden, sorry, backyard, brother/sister duo Zak and Lena Kendall have evolved from homespun folk to the more contemporary roots-based partnership that is GoldenOak. [...]

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