Alela Diane + Olivia Chaney, Union Chapel, Islington, London, 12 April 2018

Alela Diane’s set on her UK tour’s opening night draws largely from her latest piano-based album ‘Cusp’ along with songs from her 2009 gem, ‘To Be Still’.  The Union Chapel, a functioning church in the heart of Islington, is a perfect setting for the quality of her work performed tonight in a trio format with Diane … Continue reading “Alela Diane + Olivia Chaney, Union Chapel, Islington, London, 12 April 2018”

Alela Diane “Cusp” (All Points, 2018)

Since her last album in 2013 (About Farewell) Alela Diane has remarried and given birth to two daughters. We mention the daughters as Cusp is, above all, an album about motherhood, even the album cover can be seen as an update on Whistler’s Mother. Diane sings of her own experiences as a mother while some … Continue reading “Alela Diane “Cusp” (All Points, 2018)”

Alela Diane “Ether & Wood” – Listen

‘Ether & Wood’ is the new single taken from Alela Diane’s forthcoming long-player ’Cusp’ which is an album about motherhood. She explains: “‘Ether & Wood’ is a reflection on the different lives that are lived within a lifetime.  The doors along the way that often open and close without notice.  I live in a very old house, … Continue reading “Alela Diane “Ether & Wood” – Listen”

Alela Diane announces new “motherhood” album “Cusp”

Portland, Oregon based singer-songwriter  Alela Diane has announced her return with a new album “Cusp”, the follow up to 2013’s “About Farewell”.  The new album is about the unspoken artistic taboo: “Have a baby if you must. But for goodness’ sake, don’t write songs about it.” (To be fair, it’s not so much a hostility … Continue reading “Alela Diane announces new “motherhood” album “Cusp””

Aisha Badru “Pendulum” (Nettwerk, 2018)

It’s really all Volkswagen’s fault. Back in 2016 they licensed a song from an unknown young singer to soundtrack one of their adverts. Pocketing the money, Aisha Badru, a Yonkers, New York singer-songwriter set about recording this album with producer Chris Hutchison who she found by Googling record producers, although the pair have never met. … Continue reading “Aisha Badru “Pendulum” (Nettwerk, 2018)”