The Haden Triplets “The Family Songbook” (Trimeter Records/Thirty Tigers, 2020)

That ‘Family Songbook’ sounds so routinely Haden Triplets; just like we might expect it to if we’d heard (and enjoyed) their first album on Third Man Records, is perhaps something of a wonder. Despite the heft of the history, influences and associations that the sisters lug around with them their character still manages to shine … Continue reading “The Haden Triplets “The Family Songbook” (Trimeter Records/Thirty Tigers, 2020)”

The Wood Brothers “Kingdom In My Mind” (Honey Jar/Thirty Tigers, 2020)

The new album from the Wood Brothers has a lot to live up to. ‘Kingdom In My Mind’ is the follow-up to their critically acclaimed, Grammy-nominated 2018 release ‘One Drop of Truth’. While it would have been easy for them to return to the same formula that lead them to success last time, the Brothers … Continue reading “The Wood Brothers “Kingdom In My Mind” (Honey Jar/Thirty Tigers, 2020)”

Leslie Stevens “Sinner” (Thirty Tigers, 2019)

Jonathan Wilson is a hugely talented producer, as well as a solo artist in his own right, and when he produces an album the great and the good sit up and take notice (Dawes, Father John Misty, Roy Harper, Treetop Flyers et al). And this album by Leslie Stevens is no different. Possessed with a traditional, … Continue reading “Leslie Stevens “Sinner” (Thirty Tigers, 2019)”

Ida Mae “Chasing Lights” (Thirty Tigers, 2019)

‘Chasing Lights‘ is the debut album from this British-born duo, and what a debut it is; showcasing a depth and breadth of talent as well as a range of styles, from tender folk to swaggering rock and roll. Now based in Nashville, the pair have their feet planted firmly in the fertile soil of American … Continue reading “Ida Mae “Chasing Lights” (Thirty Tigers, 2019)”

The Schramms “Omnidirectional” (Blue Rose Records, 2019)

Dave Schramm genuinely fits that over-used expression ‘a musician’s musician’. Perhaps he’s best known as the lead guitarist on Yo La Tengo’s first releases, including their acclaimed debut album ‘Ride The Tiger’. He has since returned to his old band to help them out on 1990 album ‘Fakebook’ and 2015’s ‘Stuff Like That There’. In … Continue reading “The Schramms “Omnidirectional” (Blue Rose Records, 2019)”

Josh Ritter “Fever Breaks” (Pytheas Recordings/Thirty Tigers, 2019)

For his tenth studio album Josh Ritter has teamed up with the currently red hot Jason Isbell and his 400 Unit on production and playing duties and delivered an album that will only do all of them a lot of good. This is an Americana wet dream become real! All the cards are on the … Continue reading “Josh Ritter “Fever Breaks” (Pytheas Recordings/Thirty Tigers, 2019)”

Patty Griffin “Patty Griffin” (Thirty Tigers, 2019)

For her tenth album, Patty Griffin returns after personal crisis with a work of reflection, both deeply intimate and deflective. Rarely specifically autobiographical, Griffin sings tales of others’ longings and travails, exploring women’s concerns and men’s outlooks. Much of this, though, is oblique displacement of her recent experiences, and the songs need to be searched. … Continue reading “Patty Griffin “Patty Griffin” (Thirty Tigers, 2019)”

The Steel Woods “Old News” (Thirty Tigers, 2019)

When listening to The Steel Woods’ new album, ‘Old News’, the influences are clear from the opening line of the first track, ‘All of These Years’.  If you mixed Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers somewhere in the middle you would arrive at this record. Lyrically it may sound familiar to fans of Chris Stapleton … Continue reading “The Steel Woods “Old News” (Thirty Tigers, 2019)”

The Black Lillies “Stranger to Me” (Attack Monkey/Thirty Tigers, 2018)

What’s striking about ‘Stranger to Me’, the fifth album by The Black Lillies from Knoxville, Tennessee, is how tight it’s all sounding: they’ve had a bumpy few years. Multiple line-up changes (going from a six-piece to four), the loss of all their equipment in a robbery, and a shift in responsibilities across the band (previously … Continue reading “The Black Lillies “Stranger to Me” (Attack Monkey/Thirty Tigers, 2018)”

Will Hoge “My American Dream” (EDLO/Thirty Tigers 2018)

‘My American Dream’ is the new collection of songs from Nashville singer, songwriter and musician Will Hoge: 29 minutes and eight songs over which he vents his spleen at the state of his home nation. Someone once said that a message with imagery is poetry, a message without imagery is propaganda. There is no doubt … Continue reading “Will Hoge “My American Dream” (EDLO/Thirty Tigers 2018)”