Chris Stills “Don’t Be Afraid” (River Gauche Music, 2018)

‘Don’t Be Afraid’ (written with collaborators including Ryan Adams & Death Cab’s Zac Rae) is Chris Stills’, son of CSNY’s Stephen Stills, first release in over a decade, deferred and influenced by the breakdown of his marriage. The fallout brought Chris back to Los Angeles, having previously lived in Paris; his mother is French singer Véronique … Continue reading “Chris Stills “Don’t Be Afraid” (River Gauche Music, 2018)”

Don’t be afraid of Chris Stills – he’s hard to please

Chris Stills will release a new album, his first in over 10 years, ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ in the UK on September 7, 2018 via Rive Gauche Music. The album is the follow-up to 2006’s self-titled release and Chris has also confirmed a string of UK headline shows – including London’s Borderline on November 25, 2018 – alongside a new track, ‘Hard To Please’, which … Continue reading “Don’t be afraid of Chris Stills – he’s hard to please”

A Review of the Year : Tell me where it hurts, and I’ll tell you what to feel

It may have been another turbulent year with no sign of the punishment letting up, but it has also been another great year for music. And, in a sense, that’s what really matters. And if nothing else the real world has offered some amusement on the live scene as visiting bands from the USA make … Continue reading “A Review of the Year : Tell me where it hurts, and I’ll tell you what to feel”

UK Americana Awards 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award to go to Graham Nash

And we’ve got details of other awards here too. The fourth annual  UK  Americana Awards will take place on Thursday 31st January  2019  at  HackneyEmpire, and the AMA-UK has chosen Graham Nash to receive its highest honour, the  2019 Lifetime Achievement Award, in recognition of his contribution to the  Americana genre over the span of his … Continue reading “UK Americana Awards 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award to go to Graham Nash”

UK Americana Gig Guide

Welcome to the new Americana UK gig guide. You can search by artist name, town or venue – if you want gigs just in Liverpool for instance, just start typing ‘Liver’ in the search box below. For more information on an artist, just click on their name. If you’re a promoter/artist and want your UK gig listed, … Continue reading “UK Americana Gig Guide”

Glasgow Americana Festival, 3rd -7th October 2018

Now in its 12th year the Glasgow Americana Festival is essentially a very concentrated dose of life affirming music delivered courtesy of local promoters, The Fallen Angels Club, who otherwise offer us locals regular spoonfuls of sugar throughout the year. Over five days and in various venues throughout the city around 25 acts converged, varying … Continue reading “Glasgow Americana Festival, 3rd -7th October 2018”

The Magpie Salute, Oslo, London, 10th August 2018

When The Magpie Salute were last in the UK they played a now legendary residency at Under The Bridge rocking the venue for four nights and never playing the same song more than once. So when Rich Robinson proclaims tonight, “We played that one last night but we like it so thought we’d play it … Continue reading “The Magpie Salute, Oslo, London, 10th August 2018”

Rita Coolidge currently playing London dates

The fabled Delta Lady, Rita Coolidge, is currently on a rare four day residency at Canary Wharf’s Boisdale in London promoting her latest album,  ‘Safe in the arms of Time’. The Grammy winning singer-songwriter is best remembered for her string of solo albums back in the seventies along with discs recorded with her then husband, Kris … Continue reading “Rita Coolidge currently playing London dates”

Thomas Wynn & The Believers – new album coming in May

Thomas Wynn & The Believers have announced that their third album – Wade Waist Deep – will be appearing on Mascot Records this May. Having been named the #1 Rock Band and #1 Country/Folk Band in the city for seven consecutive years by the Orlando Weekly, the band’s combination of Rock and Southern Soul, supported … Continue reading “Thomas Wynn & The Believers – new album coming in May”