Daddy Long Legs + Thee Windom Earles, The Lantern, Halifax, 2nd February 2020

Halifax has come up in the world don’t ya know, such that it has reached the giddy heights of (almost) favourable comparison to a minor neighbourhood in the eastern fringes of London; having been dubbed ‘Shoreditch of the North’ by Northerners who ought to know better. This moniker seems to rest on the availability of … Continue reading “Daddy Long Legs + Thee Windom Earles, The Lantern, Halifax, 2nd February 2020”

Daddy Long Legs, Rough Trade East, London, 16th May 2019

When a well-respected music fan informs you that the best band at last year’s Red Rooster Festival are performing an in-store at London’s Rough Trade East you know it’s got to be worth checking out. Over for an 8 leg(ged) tour of the UK to promote their new album, ‘Lowdown Ways’, Brooklyn-based trio Daddy Long … Continue reading “Daddy Long Legs, Rough Trade East, London, 16th May 2019”

AmericanaFest UK 2020 Conference Showcase preview – part one

The AMAUK conference is now into its fifth year can you believe it. When it started, Brexit hadn’t happened, Ed Miliband looked like he was about to win the next election and you could still pop into BHS for a pair of socks. One of the highlights of the conference is the two nights of … Continue reading “AmericanaFest UK 2020 Conference Showcase preview – part one”

AmericanaFest 2020 – over 75 artist head to London next month!

We’ve already covered 2020’s AmericanaFest which returns to the UK at the end of January next year, and now details are emerging of the array of artists who’ll be playing the festival which is, er, extensive to say the least. You might need a calculator to count them all.

Interview: Rupert Orton – Red Rooster Festival

At AUK we’ve mentioned before a couple of the newer and smaller festivals which have been popping up in recent years. Red Rooster, described as a whisky sippin,’ guitar strummin,’ banjo pickin’ weekend of Southern Blues in the heart of Suffolk County – and held in the idyllic setting of Euston Hall in Suffolk – … Continue reading “Interview: Rupert Orton – Red Rooster Festival”

AmericanaFest, Nashville, September 10th-15th, 2019

For Americana UK, this year’s Nashville experience ended where it pretty much started – at Robert’s Western World on Lower Broadway. Hotfoot from arriving in the city around 7pm our assembled scribes headed straight downtown to see Joshua Hedley and the Hedliners. These showcases at Robert’s are something of a Nashville institution for both discerning … Continue reading “AmericanaFest, Nashville, September 10th-15th, 2019”

Band of Heathens stream new album – Listen

Not to get mixed up with horses, although they both begin with the letter ‘h’. Americana with the swagger of the Stones, Rolling Stone Country reports: “On a January morning in Austin, it’s chilly enough to snow. Hometown heroes the Band of Heathens are leaving their winter gear at home, though, and prepping for tropical weather … Continue reading “Band of Heathens stream new album – Listen”