Darren Hayman “Home Time” (Fika Recordings, 2020)

Darren Hayman’s ‘Home Time’ is music that is likely to divide. For some it will be light and mannered with an ironic pose. For others it will be playful, charming and endearing. This reviewer sits in the latter camp. Mainly. ‘Home Time’ has a lo-fi indie-pop sound, with precursors including acts such as Violent Femmes … Continue reading “Darren Hayman “Home Time” (Fika Recordings, 2020)”

Darren Hayman “Thankful Villages Volume 3” (Independent, 2018)

Released to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the 1918 Armistice, this final instalment of the former (indie-folksters) Hefner main man’s triptych focuses not only on the aforementioned villages, but also rural stories in general. As such it contains interviews, field recordings, soundscapes and original songs, running much like a radio show. Given this, it’s … Continue reading “Darren Hayman “Thankful Villages Volume 3” (Independent, 2018)”

Video: Darren Hayman “Ousby, Cumberland”

A new song from erstwhile Hefner man  Darren Hayman. It’s taken from Thankful Villages, Volume 3, out tomorrow, his project to visit all 54 English villages where every soldier returned alive from the Great War and write, paint and film in each one.  An epic, touching and powerful set of stories has emerged.

Breadfoot announces dates for this month

And some Norway ones too. And some NYC ones! Breadfoot hails from the East River Delta and apparently “digs his whiskey neat and his coffee black”. He’s a one-man band whose idiosyncratic take on life and wide range of influences from The Carter Family and The Sherman Brothers to Tom Waits and X fuels his brand … Continue reading “Breadfoot announces dates for this month”

Enderby’s Room “Enderby’s Room” (Fika Recordings, 2017)

This is Dan Mayfield’s first record as band leader. He’s worked with Darren Hayman, The Wave Pictures and Allo Darlin’, and his own sound isn’t too far away from those artists. It is a gentle blend of folk suffused with atmosphere, hushed polite vocals and everything clearly thought through and stuffed with detail. ‘The Music’ … Continue reading “Enderby’s Room “Enderby’s Room” (Fika Recordings, 2017)”