Diesel Park West “Let it Melt” (Palo Santo Records, 2019)

Leicester’s Diesel Park West are one of rock’s great survivors. Their debut album ‘Shakespeare Alabama’ was rightly acclaimed then and now as a minor classic and even gave them a small whiff of commercial success, but apart from that their forty-odd year career has been a familiar tale of record company problems, critical indifference and … Continue reading “Diesel Park West “Let it Melt” (Palo Santo Records, 2019)”

Jon C Butler “Universal Stranger” (Strataville, 2017)

Jon C Butler has had a lengthy career with his band Diesel Park West most noted for their critically acclaimed debut ‘Shakespeare Alabama’ released some 25 years ago. His newest output and debut solo album ‘Universal Stranger’, puts a modern spin on a retro sound – using lyrics and themes from 2017 against a backdrop … Continue reading “Jon C Butler “Universal Stranger” (Strataville, 2017)”

Session Americana with Jefferson Hamer “Great Shakes” (Independent, 2016)

This collaboration between decade veterans Session Americana and Jefferson Hamer, perhaps best known this side of the pond for his “Child Ballads” album with Anais Mitchell, opens up with the little gem that is “One Skinner”, a languid, gorgeously melodic song that slides into your consciousness and never leaves.  It’s followed up with “Helena”, which … Continue reading “Session Americana with Jefferson Hamer “Great Shakes” (Independent, 2016)”