Jessica Risker “I See You In The Stars” (Western Vinyl, 2018)

‘I See You In The Stars’ has a gossamer lightness; it’s wooden music – mostly just a percussive guitar, but with occasional synthetic sounds strung across a tune – like a wispy strand of the glinting lights of Faery. Jessica Risker maintains a dreamlike presence across the album, her vocal the distilled essence of blissed out … Continue reading “Jessica Risker “I See You In The Stars” (Western Vinyl, 2018)”

Dirty Dozen: Little Mammoths

Little Mammoths are a London-based Rock’n’Roll Bar Band formed in 2014, that continue charging down the vein of The Hold Steady, Drive-by Truckers and Wilco. Their 2016 debut  ‘Phantom Dreams’ prompted Texan legend Ray Wylie Hubbard to declare: “If your ears dig gnawing on the gritty sounds from a young, dirty, cool rock band, I … Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Little Mammoths”

Mandy Rowden “1000 Miles” (Independent, 2017)

Sometimes some records just don’t hit the mark… and from the drab artwork  to the confusion of the songs that dwell within, that seems to be the case here. It’s a dreadful shame – given some of the names Rowden has worked with in the past, this is a record that should have presented far … Continue reading “Mandy Rowden “1000 Miles” (Independent, 2017)”