Dylan LeBlanc + The Pollies, Omeara, London, 3rd September 2019

The faded western cantina chic of Omerea was the perfect backdrop for tonight’s opening act – and later Dylan LeBlanc’s band – The Pollies, a four piece of guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. They hail out of Muscle Shoals and look the part of rural Alabamans – although when guitarist and singer Jay Burgess refers … Continue reading “Dylan LeBlanc + The Pollies, Omeara, London, 3rd September 2019”

Dylan LeBlanc “Renegade” (ATO Records, 2019)

Whenever you’re looking through the liner notes of a record and you see “Producer: Dave Cobb” you know it’s definitely worth a listen. Dylan LeBlanc’s 4th release ‘Renegade’ follows suit. Cobb’s brilliant, signature sound shines through. He has a brilliant way of creating a polished and modern, yet vintage sound. LeBlanc, on the subject of … Continue reading “Dylan LeBlanc “Renegade” (ATO Records, 2019)”

Dylan LeBlanc returns to the UK for dates next month

The rather dashing Muscle Shoals, Alabaman singer/songwriter Dylan LeBlanc returns to the UK with a tour next month for the first time in almost five years to promote his latest album ‘Cautionary Tale’ which came out on Single Lock Records last year. LeBlanc’s first two releases were the 2010 recording ‘Pauper’s Field’ and 2012’s ‘Cast The Same Old Shadow’ … Continue reading “Dylan LeBlanc returns to the UK for dates next month”

Pond Diver “Over The Hill” – Listen

Naturally every track in this section is carefully handpicked to please you dear reader – adding to your musical enjoyment is what we’re all about.  However, some are more equal than others – and we have  feeling you’re really going to like Pond Diver.  Pond Diver hail out of the legendary Muscle Shoals Alabama music … Continue reading “Pond Diver “Over The Hill” – Listen”

A Review of the Year: My friend lives in an Ivory Tower, she’s Protected from Misery.

Which is quite lucky for her really – everyone else has probably noticed that 2019 has been one of those years destined to go down in history as interesting – and we all know the value of interesting times. Obviously 2019 will go down as the year of almost continual elections, it’s also the year … Continue reading “A Review of the Year: My friend lives in an Ivory Tower, she’s Protected from Misery.”

Andrew Combs ventures out of Nashville for UK tour dates this December

Andrew Combs has looked to explore new territory since venturing out of his hometown of Nashville, not just in a literal sense, but also with the release of his latest album ‘Ideal Man’ whose recording technique is more experimental than previous releases.

Erin Rae releases new EP ahead of forthcoming tour

Nashville based singer songwriter, Erin Rae, and AUK favourite has released a new EP, ‘Putting On Airs Demos’, to celebrate the one year anniversary of her breakthrough record ‘Putting On Airs’. Along with the title track, the EP features 4 songs from the album, including ‘The Grand Scheme,’ ‘The Real Thing,’ and ‘Can’t Cut Loose’.

Lera Lynn embarks on short run of UK dates this month

Lera Lynn has announced a run of intimate duo tour dates for December in support of her new ‘Plays Well With Others’ album out now on Single Lock Records.  As part of the tour, Lynn will be playing London’s Omeara on December 10th alongside shows in Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Bedford. ‘Plays Well With Others’ is a unique duets … Continue reading “Lera Lynn embarks on short run of UK dates this month”