The Mountain Goats “In League With Dragons” (Merge Records, 2019)

Do folk still make rock operas in the 21st century? Seems like it as The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle says that ‘In League With Dragons’ was originally supposed to be a series of songs about a “besieged seaside community called Riversend, ruled by a benevolent wizard.” Maybe Rick Wakeman wasn’t available to play the keyboards … Continue reading “The Mountain Goats “In League With Dragons” (Merge Records, 2019)”

Sergio Beercock “Wollow” (800A Records, 2017)

Sergio Beercock is a man with an eclectic background. Born to a Sicilian mother and an English father, in Kingston Upon Hull, he now lives in Sicily, where he produces his music while also writing for the theatre and acting. Something of a Renaissance Man! “Wollow” is Sergio Beercock’s debut album and there’s much to … Continue reading “Sergio Beercock “Wollow” (800A Records, 2017)”