Jenny Lewis puts herself on the line

Jenny Lewis has announced UK tour dates to promote the release of her fourth solo album, ‘On The Line,’ which came out on the 22nd of March. A five year hiatus since her last album, ‘The Voyager,’ her latest record is heavily influenced by the death of her mother and the end of her twelve-year … Continue reading “Jenny Lewis puts herself on the line”

Home Life – Matt Harlan

Houston based Matt Harlan, like many artists in these surreal times, would have been a way into promoting his excellent fifth album, ‘Best Beasts.’ released here in Europe by Continental Record Services., at this point in his career.  Instead he is holed up at home contemplating an unknowing future as the world starts to envisage … Continue reading “Home Life – Matt Harlan”

Songs for the Rehearsal

As AUK’s resident miserabilist (self-appointed, though there is clearly plenty of competition) I feel it is incumbent on me to offer some kind of alternative background music for the approaching doomsday scenario. Now I’m not saying that we are heading for the end of days, just that sometimes when you wake up and your day … Continue reading “Songs for the Rehearsal”

Jennah Barry “Holiday” (Forward Music Group, 2020)

Phrases like charming, lovely or sweet are deemed as virtual insults these days – anaemic praise for something soft or unconvincing – but Jennah Barry’s new album, ‘Holiday’, deserves all these descriptions in the most positive way. This is music that will wash over you like the warmest and softest of blankets highlighted by her warm … Continue reading “Jennah Barry “Holiday” (Forward Music Group, 2020)”

Swamp Dogg “Sleeping Without You Is A Dragg” – Listen

Echoey twang, mournful lovelorn lyrics, piano by Justin Vernon?  Yup – we’re all set to start as we mean to carry on  in 2020.  Swamp Dogg  is the handle of 77 year old Jerry Williams, who is anxious to redefine his psychedelic soul superhero image, telling one and all that he’s always considered himself as … Continue reading “Swamp Dogg “Sleeping Without You Is A Dragg” – Listen”

Here are the results of 2019’s Americana UK readers poll!

So here we are again. If the word “poll” is still making you break out in cold sweats, this will hopefully be cathartic before the year is out. We should have actually started counting the number of years we’ve done this – From recollection, in our first readers poll, the winner of best new act … Continue reading “Here are the results of 2019’s Americana UK readers poll!”

Hiss Golden Messenger announces UK dates

The eclectic Durham, North Carolina outfit Hiss Golden Messenger aka MC Taylor have announced details of a six-date UK tour in December. The announcement comes hot on the heels of the new song ‘Happy Birthday, Baby’ a month before the upcoming release of their seventh studio album, ‘Terms of Surrender’. You can hear the track … Continue reading “Hiss Golden Messenger announces UK dates”

Hiss Golden Messenger announce new record “Terms of Surrender”

The always delightful North Carolina band Hiss Golden Messenger have announced the release of their anticipated twelfth new album ‘Terms of Surrender’ which will be released on the uber-cool Merge Records on September 20th. Following a tough year and with the help of Jenny Lewis, The National and his regular bandmates, the new record is … Continue reading “Hiss Golden Messenger announce new record “Terms of Surrender””

Erin Rae putting on shows in the UK

Erin Rae will tour the UK & Europe this summer in support of her critically acclaimed recent album ‘Putting on Airs’ which came out on Single Lock records in June, and combines indie rock, folk and psychedelia. The album was recorded at the Refuge, a former Franciscan monastery in Appleton, Wisconsin, and produced by engineer … Continue reading “Erin Rae putting on shows in the UK”

Interview: My Darling Clementine

Known for their sartorial elegance alongside their old school country ballads and barroom heartbreakers My Darling Clementine are one of the best bands the UK has offered the world in a good while.  Witty, charming and utterly engaging their stage show, and one hopes it is a show, as the two protagonists, Michael Weston King … Continue reading “Interview: My Darling Clementine”