Jon Boden’s fourth solo album out soon, tour to follow

Jon Boden’s fourth solo album has been announced – it’s called ‘Rose in June‘ and will be out on Hudson Records on the 1st of November.  It isn’t the direct follow up to 2017’s ‘Afterglow‘ which was the second of a trilogy of albums drawing inspiration from a post-apocalypse vision of a world without fossil … Continue reading “Jon Boden’s fourth solo album out soon, tour to follow”

Jonathan Byrd “Jonathan Byrd & the Pickup Cowboys”(Independent, 2018)

Actual country music! And really good country music too! Americana ebbs and flows in different ways, and obviously that’s a good thing. Now and again though, you can find country music produced that’s worthy of the weight of history in the field. Certainly not the factory produced, plastic Music Row atrocities that are increasingly favoured … Continue reading “Jonathan Byrd “Jonathan Byrd & the Pickup Cowboys”(Independent, 2018)”

Cam Penner and Jon Wood all set to tour the UK

A Canadian duo much loved by Americana-UK return to the UK for a tour starting on Wednesday of this week. Cam Penner and his trusted full time collaborator, Jon Wood, return for just over two weeks of touring in support of their brand new album ‘At War With Reason.’ Penner is a true artisan of … Continue reading “Cam Penner and Jon Wood all set to tour the UK”

Jonathan Wilson, Omeara, London, 19th March 2018

Omeara is a fairly new venue south of the river, not very far south, and in quite a hip area with a sizeable presence of pubs and cafes close by. Inside the performance space is bijou, with a capacity of around 350, and it’s well laid out with several slightly different levels ensuring pretty good … Continue reading “Jonathan Wilson, Omeara, London, 19th March 2018”

Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings, Scala, London, 22nd November 2017

Those who still pine for the folk excesses of Bellowhead can take some comfort from Jon Boden’s latest outfit. After a solo tour Jon Boden has got the old band back together and is taking new album Afterglow out on tour with The Remnant Kings, backed up by the string trio that is the Remnant Strings. … Continue reading “Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings, Scala, London, 22nd November 2017”

Dirty Dozen: Karen Jonas

Karen Jonas’s intensely personal songwriting first grabbed international attention with the release of her critically acclaimed 2014 debut album Oklahoma Lottery. Three years of non-stop touring with her guitarist Tim Bray have produced a smoldering live act that’s left audiences breathless across America, culminating in their much-anticipated sophomore release. Country Songs is a refreshing mix … Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Karen Jonas”

What should I do, Americana UK?

What is the point of music? Is it just an entertainment that whiles away those empty hours, or does it hold some greater significance? Music often throws up unresolved problems, problems that we can all relate to.  Music here offers an empathetic support. Can it go further though, to actually resolve those issues and set … Continue reading “What should I do, Americana UK?”

Handsome Family “Odessa” / “Milk and Scissors” (Loose, 2020)

It seems 35 million people think that the Handsome Family created something special having been chosen to provide the first series of, ‘True Detective’, with its title song, ‘Far From Any Road‘. That’s the remarkable number of hits it’s had online and, as much as any one track, it sums up their appeal. Coming from … Continue reading “Handsome Family “Odessa” / “Milk and Scissors” (Loose, 2020)”

AmericanA to Z – Suzanne Vega

Last week was Tom Petty and so AmericanA to Z reaches the letter U. And since Uncle Tupelo have been covered already, skips directly to V. It was that or The Upsetters, and really that was a stretch too far even for our generous definition of Americana. Instead, let’s go back to the mid-eighties and … Continue reading “AmericanA to Z – Suzanne Vega”

Willie Nelson to release new album “First Rose of Spring”

Willie Nelson has announced the release of his 70th (!) solo studio album (and 14th for the Legacy label)–on Friday, April 24 (right before Willie’s 87th birthday on April 29th). The record is described as “an atmospheric soulful showcase of beautifully-written songs and poignant performances” and is Nelson’s first new release since winning the 2020 … Continue reading “Willie Nelson to release new album “First Rose of Spring””