Pick of the Political Pops: Laura Veirs “Cannon Fodder”

We’re not big rioters down here at Americana-UK Towers. We prefer to settle our differences by honest, quiet and frequently drunken discussion. Things rarely get out of hand and when they do The Editor is on hand to restore order in his usual calm and collected way by cutting the throats of those with whom … Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Laura Veirs “Cannon Fodder””

Laura Veirs “The Lookout” (Bella Union, 2018)

After the profile raising ‘Case/Lang/Veirs‘ album and tour of a couple of year’s back, ‘The Lookout‘ see’s Laura Veirs return to solo work, albeit solo accompanied by a number of Americana celebrity collaborators. It’s also, on the surface, a return to Veirs’ earlier style of working – unlike the full band power of ‘Saltbreakers‘ and … Continue reading “Laura Veirs “The Lookout” (Bella Union, 2018)”

Laura Veirs has a new album pending release

“What’s going on with Laura Veirs?” is a question we find ourselves asking with ever increasing frequency.  Ok, there was the case/lang/veirs album in 2016, but the last true Laura Veirs album was Warp and Weft – and that was 2013.  Twenty-Thirteen !  “Is this the troubadour work ethic ?” we ask ourselves.  “When will … Continue reading “Laura Veirs has a new album pending release”

A Review of the Year : Tell me where it hurts, and I’ll tell you what to feel

It may have been another turbulent year with no sign of the punishment letting up, but it has also been another great year for music. And, in a sense, that’s what really matters. And if nothing else the real world has offered some amusement on the live scene as visiting bands from the USA make … Continue reading “A Review of the Year : Tell me where it hurts, and I’ll tell you what to feel”

Neko Case shares another track from her new album – Listen

As we pack our bags for the weekend (and try to escape to the most nationalistic bit of Scotland – friendly advice please…), we leave you with the new track by Neko Case which is taken from her forthcoming album ‘Hell-On’ which is due out June 1 via the ANTI label and features appearances from (in … Continue reading “Neko Case shares another track from her new album – Listen”

Jessica Risker “I See You In The Stars” (Western Vinyl, 2018)

‘I See You In The Stars’ has a gossamer lightness; it’s wooden music – mostly just a percussive guitar, but with occasional synthetic sounds strung across a tune – like a wispy strand of the glinting lights of Faery. Jessica Risker maintains a dreamlike presence across the album, her vocal the distilled essence of blissed out … Continue reading “Jessica Risker “I See You In The Stars” (Western Vinyl, 2018)”

Neko Case “Hell-On” – Listen

You may recall that recently we were asking what’s Laura Veirs being doing?  Well, one thing she’s been doing is recording with Neko Case for the latter’s new album ‘Hell-On’, which is out on Anti- on the 1st of June.  Neko Case has also been working with Beth Ditto, Mark Lanegan, k.d. Lang, AC Newman, … Continue reading “Neko Case “Hell-On” – Listen”

Americana UK’s Readers Poll 2016 – the results!

So the votes are in and it’s all change this year as a new roster of artists take over the pole positions in our survey of what’s rocked your boat over the last 12 months – the site has always been proud to support independent music and it’s great to see so many artists who aren’t … Continue reading “Americana UK’s Readers Poll 2016 – the results!”