Dolly Parton gives $1Million to Coronavirus research

The Country music legend that is Dolly Parton has a long history of charitable generosity – her Imagination Library for example has been responsible for providing more than 130million books to children.  As a side shoot from that endeavour – and as an assistance to relieving the boredom of children during the current lockdown – … Continue reading “Dolly Parton gives $1Million to Coronavirus research”

Crow vs Lion “The Heart, The Time, The Pen” (Independent, 2019)

The number thirteen is one of the most mysterious and storied numbers in our numerical system. For the superstitious, it’s bad luck, but for many religious and folklorists, as well as tarot readers and tattoo enthusiasts, its significance runs deep, man. Thirteen plays into ‘The Heart, The Time, The Pen,’ the sophomore release from Crow … Continue reading “Crow vs Lion “The Heart, The Time, The Pen” (Independent, 2019)”

Native Harrow, The Golden Lion, Bristol, 30th August 2019

Deep into inner city Bristol, flanking the famous Bearpit, sits The Golden Lion pub. The Lion prides itself on its musical heritage – framed photos of Elvis adorn the walls, alongside previous performers and patrons of this americana flavoured establishment. On entry, visitors are confronted by an imposing bar, complete with longhorns and lonestars. Having … Continue reading “Native Harrow, The Golden Lion, Bristol, 30th August 2019”

Joe Stamm Band “Dandelion Woman” – Listen

The title track from the Joe Stamm Band’s recently released EP – it hit the streets on 26th October – opens with menace as a tale of bad choices in love on a trailer park is unfolded.   Mama knew as a glance that “her beauty will fade as she digs her roots into your heart“,  and … Continue reading “Joe Stamm Band “Dandelion Woman” – Listen”

Mountain Lions “We Are” (Independent, 2018)

After contributing to the sunny, catchy pop of The Lighthouse and the Whaler, singer-songwriter Steven Diaz relocated to the Research Triangle in North Carolina – an area covering three counties in the north-central part of the state that includes the capital city of Raleigh as well as Durham and Chapel Hill. The area is a … Continue reading “Mountain Lions “We Are” (Independent, 2018)”

The Lied To’s “Millionaire” – Listen

Wow.  Susan Levine’s vocals are just perfect on this song about how life, and family life in particular, can be so imperfect.  With Doug Kwartler backing her up beautifully a song unfolds that’s full of weary acceptance of the way life goes.  Marriages fall apart, second wives aren’t great stepmoms, and all the time the … Continue reading “The Lied To’s “Millionaire” – Listen”

Mountain Lions “California” – Listen

California may be a destination, but it’s the journey that matters – so says Steven Diaz who has put together the band Mountain Lions as a vehicle for his recent songwriting.  This track is the lead single off the resulting album ‘We Are‘ which is due out on August 10th.  It’s the kind of track you … Continue reading “Mountain Lions “California” – Listen”

Don McLean, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea, 4th May 2018

To the wonderful De La Warr Pavilion in East Sussex, a fitting location to see Don McLean. Much like the Pavilion, McLean has been an icon of his age but is now remembered more for the past than the present though, like the Pavilion, he’s stood the test of time particularly well. I’d hoped to … Continue reading “Don McLean, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea, 4th May 2018”