Loudon Wainwright III “Years in the Making” (StorySound Records, 2018)

After 45 years in the industry, Loudon Wainwright needs little introduction as an artist. Over 26 albums, he has created a diverse tapestry of music and has dabbled with a wealth of genres. ‘Years in the making’ effectively serves as an ‘audio-biography’ – it is a two disc compendium of rare and unissued tracks drawn … Continue reading “Loudon Wainwright III “Years in the Making” (StorySound Records, 2018)”

Loudon Wainwright III announces new 2 disc rarities retrospective

The literal legend Loudon Wainwright III will release ‘Years in the Making’, a two-disc compendium of 45 years of Loudon’s offbeaten, rare and unissued tracks on September 14th via StorySound Records. Described a true “audio-biography” it includes orphaned album cuts, live recordings, radio appearances, home demos, and more, that come together to offer a new perspective on Loudon’s public … Continue reading “Loudon Wainwright III announces new 2 disc rarities retrospective”

Loudon Wainwright III – Surviving Twin, Leicester Square Theatre, London, 11th March 2017

Coming on to the darkened stage of this basement London theatre, strumming guitar, Loudon Wainwright III unexpectedly encountered a mic’ stand, causing a minor stumble – maybe a Freudian Trip – quickly recovered from. It got an early laugh. Surviving Twin (as you may have read in an earlier feature on Americana-UK) is his one … Continue reading “Loudon Wainwright III – Surviving Twin, Leicester Square Theatre, London, 11th March 2017”

Loudon Wainwright III – ‘Survivng Twin’

It’s fair to say that growing up Loudon Wainwright III had some mixed feelings about his father, a columnist for LIFE magazine which he has summed up himself in a typically forthright and candid manner: “When they first were published in the magazine in the 1960s and 70s I mostly ignored them because having a … Continue reading “Loudon Wainwright III – ‘Survivng Twin’”

Loudon Wainwright III Announces “Surviving Twin” Dates

If you’ve caught him on his current UK tour (or indeed the Andrew Marr Show yesterday) you’ll know that “Surviving Twin” is a posthumous collaboration in which Grammy Award winner Loudon Wainwright III connects some of his best songs with the writing of his late father Loudon Wainwright Jr, the long-standing LIFE Magazine columnist. The performance, … Continue reading “Loudon Wainwright III Announces “Surviving Twin” Dates”

Loudon Wainwright III Hits the UK for Dates

If you don’t love Loudon Wainwright III then you’re going to hell, that’s what it says in the bible, but you can prove yourself before God (capital G, just in case) by seeing him live in the UK next month, his first dates here since 2013.   His shows will include a concert at the London … Continue reading “Loudon Wainwright III Hits the UK for Dates”

Chris Stills “Don’t Be Afraid” (River Gauche Music, 2018)

‘Don’t Be Afraid’ (written with collaborators including Ryan Adams & Death Cab’s Zac Rae) is Chris Stills’, son of CSNY’s Stephen Stills, first release in over a decade, deferred and influenced by the breakdown of his marriage. The fallout brought Chris back to Los Angeles, having previously lived in Paris; his mother is French singer Véronique … Continue reading “Chris Stills “Don’t Be Afraid” (River Gauche Music, 2018)”

Cambridge Folk Festival, Cherry Hinton Hall, 27-30 July 2017

Every festival, everywhere, delivers a special moment or two, things that it will be remembered for in years to come.  This year’s Cambridge Folk Festival was no different, with two hugely significant moments. The first was the sad death of Joan Woollard a few days before the start of the festival.  The widow of Ken … Continue reading “Cambridge Folk Festival, Cherry Hinton Hall, 27-30 July 2017”

Chaim Tannenbaum “Chaim Tannenbaum” (Storysound Records, 2016)

Ah, the eponymous debut album marking the emergence of a new talent. Only that’s not quite it this time, Chaim Tannenbaum has been active in music, on and off, for more than forty years. When he hasn’t been distracted by his other love, that temptress the Philosophy of Mathematics, he’s been adding guitar, banjo, a … Continue reading “Chaim Tannenbaum “Chaim Tannenbaum” (Storysound Records, 2016)”