Luke Sital-Singh “A Golden State” (Raygun Records, 2019)

Luke Sital-Singh was, reportedly, a fan of loud rock music in his teens, but finding inspiration in the energy and passion of Damien Rice’s legendary live shows he ditched the metal band and converted to the angsty folk singer-songwriter we’ve come to know and appreciate. A string of EPs released around 2012 (produced by Snow … Continue reading “Luke Sital-Singh “A Golden State” (Raygun Records, 2019)”

Luke Sital-Singh “Lover” – Listen

What?  Didn’t we already have a track feature today?  What’s going on?  Well, lucky, lucky reader that you are we’ve decided to recognise this special day with a bonus track with a title that reflects appropriately.  Lovely, lovely love.  Neat, huh? Only Luke Sital-Singh isn’t too enamoured of that slushy stuff, as he explains ‘Lover‘ … Continue reading “Luke Sital-Singh “Lover” – Listen”

Luke Sital-Singh “Love is Hard Enough Without the Winter” – Listen

There’s nothing saccharine about the sentiment in this song from Luke Sital-Singh, which is as cold and bleak as the winter he’s proposing to reject.  It touches directly on the rough edges in any relationship, the rubbing up the wrong way, the small slights that sting like the frost or the big blow-up like icy … Continue reading “Luke Sital-Singh “Love is Hard Enough Without the Winter” – Listen”

Ian Janco “Keep Out The Cold” – Listen

Ian Janco’s new single, ‘Keep out the Cold‘ is not a timely reminder to have the boiler serviced in time for the winter or to lay in a stock of fuel for the wood burner in that isolated cabin in the forest that is the typical dwelling of the singer-songwriter.  In fact it really isn’t … Continue reading “Ian Janco “Keep Out The Cold” – Listen”

UK Americana Gig Guide

Welcome to the Americana UK gig guide. You can search by artist name, town or venue – if you want gigs just in Liverpool for instance, just start typing ‘Liver’ in the search box below. For more information on an artist, just click on their name. If you’re a promoter/artist and want your UK gig listed, … Continue reading “UK Americana Gig Guide”