Andrew Weiss and Friends “The Golden Age of Love and Chemistry” (Independent, 2020)

In this time of trouble, Andrew Weiss and His Friends have given us an album to lift our spirits which enables us to think of love, life and happiness. The album is, as Weiss says, ‘music made by real musicians playing together, singing about real-life’, and this allows us to feel as though we are … Continue reading “Andrew Weiss and Friends “The Golden Age of Love and Chemistry” (Independent, 2020)”

El Misti “El Misti” (Independent, 2020)

Much of the debut album from El Misti sounds as if it springs from a well sunk into the ground deep in the redwood forests of California or the scrublands outside Austin, Texas not the hinterlands of Liverpool and Cheshire. The tracks speak of a powerful love of acoustic Americana and blue-collar worker’s music from … Continue reading “El Misti “El Misti” (Independent, 2020)”

Gabriel Birnbaum “Mistakes” – Listen

Gabriel Birnbaum didn’t start off as an on-the-fly roots rocker inspired by the patented Neil Young “get it down fast!” ethos.  Nope.  He started out as a  jazz and avant-garde saxophonist.  Well, jazzes loss is our gain as he has, over a number of years, finally found a niche that is suitable for Americana UK.

Have Gun Will Travel “Strange Chemistry” (Mile Wide Records, 2019)

Fourteen years and 6 albums into a career that has seen them firmly established as home-town-heroes in Bradenton Florida, Have Gun Will Travel have decided that now is the time to embark on a quest for the great American rock record. In doing so they have studied at the fretboards of the masters: CCR, Springsteen and … Continue reading “Have Gun Will Travel “Strange Chemistry” (Mile Wide Records, 2019)”

Benjamin James Roberts “And So I Ask Myself . . .” (Misty Ocean Sounds, 2019)

Oh, to be young and have your whole life ahead of you… With so much yet to come it’s the wise artist who takes time to reflect on what has already come to pass. Where are you? Who are you? How did you get here? And sometimes, when you ask yourself, the answers come in … Continue reading “Benjamin James Roberts “And So I Ask Myself . . .” (Misty Ocean Sounds, 2019)”

Tui “Pretty Little Mister” (Hearth Music, 2019)

Some music requires repeated listening and reflection to grasp the artist’s intent. This album is not one of those. It is simply a joy to listen to from the very first time you hear it. Whether this is because it is a well-selected compilation or because we are already so familiar with traditional music is … Continue reading “Tui “Pretty Little Mister” (Hearth Music, 2019)”

Joe Bourdet “Seamist”- Listen

A first listen to LA singer-songwriter Joe Bourdet’s new single is likely to bring to mind ‘Wolfking of LA‘ or ‘Topanga Canyon‘, perhaps leaning more to the latter as Joe Bourdet has more of Skip Battin’s laid back and accepting attitude than John Phillips’ rather barbed view of life.  ‘Seamist‘ has a dreamy floating guitar … Continue reading “Joe Bourdet “Seamist”- Listen”

Nathan Bowles “Plainly Mistaken” (Paradise of Bachelors, 2018)

Drawing on Appalachian textures and filtering them through a trio format, acclaimed banjoist Nathan Bowles delivers his latest album, ‘Plainly Mistaken,’ with the addition of fellow band members Rex McMurry on drums and Casey Toll on double bass. Opening with a version of Julie (Driscoll) Tippett’s haunting ‘Now If You Remember,’ Bowles invites us along … Continue reading “Nathan Bowles “Plainly Mistaken” (Paradise of Bachelors, 2018)”