Vera Van Heeringen “Won’t Be Broken” (Wood & Steel, 2020)

Look, there are a lot of acoustic-based female singer-songwriters out there who are recording and performing in the same arena as Vera Van Heeringen; no need to name them here as this review is part of VVH’s 15 minutes, not about them. Just check out the album reviews on AUK for 2020 so far if … Continue reading “Vera Van Heeringen “Won’t Be Broken” (Wood & Steel, 2020)”

Possessed by Paul James “As We Go Wandering” (Independent, 2020)

‘As We Go Wandering’ as an album sounds like something you would here from Mumford & Sons with its military-esqe drumming, fast guitar strumming, the fiddle and expressive vocals. Yet Possessed by Paul James is a far cry from the UK folk-rock band. The singer Konrad West, as known by his stage name of Possessed … Continue reading “Possessed by Paul James “As We Go Wandering” (Independent, 2020)”

Edd Donovan and The Wandering Moles “Guardians Of Our Times” (Independent, 2019)

Edd Donovan’s third album finds him retracing his steps in some ways and moving with the times in other, more subtle areas. “The Singing Social Worker”, as he’s known on the folk scene due to his day job and songwriting style, has enjoyed a level of peer appreciation and media attention, without ever gaining the … Continue reading “Edd Donovan and The Wandering Moles “Guardians Of Our Times” (Independent, 2019)”

The Whispering Tree “Invisible Forces” (Independent, 2018)

At just under thirty-one minutes ‘Invisible Forces’ is an example of big things coming in small packages. There is a lot of ground covered here. The Whispering Tree, led by multi-instrumentalists/ songwriters/producers Eleanor Kleiner and Elie Brangbour are many things to many people. In their ten years, two albums and two EPs they have secured … Continue reading “The Whispering Tree “Invisible Forces” (Independent, 2018)”

Erin Rae, The Slaughtered Lamb, London, 30th August 2018

“Corpsing” is actor-speak for having an unscripted fit of laughter onstage : so-called because the worst time to suffer a fit of the giggles is when an actor is playing a corpse. The sort of corpse more readily associated with a venue called The Slaughtered Lamb however might be found in the film ‘An American … Continue reading “Erin Rae, The Slaughtered Lamb, London, 30th August 2018”

Erin Rae putting on shows in the UK

Erin Rae will tour the UK & Europe this summer in support of her critically acclaimed recent album ‘Putting on Airs’ which came out on Single Lock records in June, and combines indie rock, folk and psychedelia. The album was recorded at the Refuge, a former Franciscan monastery in Appleton, Wisconsin, and produced by engineer … Continue reading “Erin Rae putting on shows in the UK”

The Wandering Hearts announce UK autumn tour

Following the success of their debut album ‘Wild Silence’ and an all important appearance on the Andrew Marr show without sneakily changing any lyrics, Americana’s answer to the New Main Street Singers, The Wandering Hearts, have announced a UK headline tour in November/December, including a London show at Islington Assembly Hall on Wednesday 28 November. Having already sold out three … Continue reading “The Wandering Hearts announce UK autumn tour”