Matt Hill “Savage Pilgrims” (Quiet Loner Recordings, 2020)

Matt Hill’s first release under his own name rather than the Quiet Loner moniker that has graced a number of high-quality releases in recent years opens with a jaunty banjo-driven lament ‘Stone and Bone’ which sets the tone perfectly with its angry tone of injustice about the forgotten workers who created the ‘square mile’ of … Continue reading “Matt Hill “Savage Pilgrims” (Quiet Loner Recordings, 2020)”

Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Matt Hill (AKA Quiet Loner)

Our series of mini-gigs continues with an exclusive show from Matt Hill, formerly known by his stage name, Quiet Loner.  In an incredibly varied career, Hill has co-written an album with people at a homeless project, enjoyed residencies in a museum and a prison as well as festival appearances and a song-writers’ circle with Billy … Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Matt Hill (AKA Quiet Loner)”

Pick of the Political Pops: Quiet Loner “The Captain’s Diseased”

It’s funny to think that when Quiet Loner recorded this song back in 2013 that we’d have had another two captains by the end of the decade but both essentially steering the same course, and each one in their own way being worse than the last. The lyrics are as pertinent today as ever: “I … Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Quiet Loner “The Captain’s Diseased””

Quiet Loner “The Battle for the Ballot” (Independent, 2017)

I should have reviewed this record during the General Election campaign and it would have provided the perfect backdrop and context. It is an inspiring record, the result of Matt Hill’s stint as songwriter in residence at the People’s History Museum in Manchester – the national museum for democracy. His brief was to explore the … Continue reading “Quiet Loner “The Battle for the Ballot” (Independent, 2017)”

Home Life: Matt Hill

UK singer-songwriter Matt Hill’s latest album, ‘Savage Pilgrims’, is the first one he’s put out under his own name – his previous four releases were credited to Quiet Loner. He may no longer be a ‘quiet loner’, but, as his new record demonstrates, Hill will always be an outsider and difficult to pigeonhole – he’s … Continue reading “Home Life: Matt Hill”

With A Little Help From My Friends: How we can all help to support smaller artists

As much as we might like things to be different, Americana is a fairly niche market within the music business. Most artists, with relatively few exceptions, operate at a small level. Many have very modest incomes or struggle to make a living at all. So what can we, the fans, best do to support the … Continue reading “With A Little Help From My Friends: How we can all help to support smaller artists”