Roo Panes “Commentator” – Listen

The lovely ethereal UK singer-songwriter Roo Panes is back this week with a new single ‘Commentator’. Recorded at Urchin Studios, it’s one of three new tracks to appear on the deluxe edition of ‘Quiet Man’ due out April 26th alongside live tracks recorded at Roo’s headline show at Shepherds Bush Empire last year. Roo is … Continue reading “Roo Panes “Commentator” – Listen”

Roo Panes “Ophelia” – Listen

British singer-songwriter Roo Panes has just released the single version of ‘Ophelia’ from his latest album ‘Quiet Man’ which was released  June 18th via CRC Records, disappointingly not a concept album about Iain Duncan Smith but instead sounding like Jeff Buckley on an MDMA comedown.  Roo’s third album which we described as “uniformly beautiful and moving”, … Continue reading “Roo Panes “Ophelia” – Listen”

Roo Panes “Quiet Man” (CRC Records, 2018)

Mentioning Jeff Buckley in a review tends to incite the same reaction as playing ‘Stairway To Heaven’ did in Wayne’s World but with Roo Panes, unlike almost anyone else, the reference is justified and appropriate. A listen to opening track ‘A Message to Myself’ reveals emotional, soaring vocals and an aching falsetto that that tear … Continue reading “Roo Panes “Quiet Man” (CRC Records, 2018)”

Che Apalache “Rearrange My Heart” (Free Dirt Records, 2019)

“Now, you and I can sing a song / and we can build a congregation / but only when we take a stand / will we change our broken nation.” Those lyrics are lifted from ‘The Dreamer,’ the first single from ‘Rearrange My Heart,’ the new album from Americana/Latingrass/folk group Che Apalache. ‘The Dreamer’ chronicles the … Continue reading “Che Apalache “Rearrange My Heart” (Free Dirt Records, 2019)”

Kishi Bashi “Omoiyari” (Joyful Noise, 2019)

There is no direct translation, but ‘Omoiyari’ can mean the idea that thinking about others promotes compassion, ie altruistic empathy, which is the intent Kishi Bashi delivers precisely with this deeply personal, and bluntly political album. Some background: after Pearl Harbour was bombed, all 120,000 Japanese-American citizens were interned for the rest of WW2, their … Continue reading “Kishi Bashi “Omoiyari” (Joyful Noise, 2019)”

Sturgill Simpson announces new album “Sound & Fury”

Sturgill Simpson has announced early details for ‘Sound & Fury’, the title of both his new album arriving this fall via Elektra Records and the original Japanese anime film he created with some of the biggest names in its genre which is simultaneously being released by Netflix.  You can watch the first trailer for the … Continue reading “Sturgill Simpson announces new album “Sound & Fury””

Russ Tolman “Goodbye El Dorado” (Blue Rose Records, 2019)

‘Goodbye El Dorado’ is the eighth solo release from True West frontman and founder Russ Tolman. Written in the midst of a sabbatical in Osaka, Japan, it is a love letter to his US homeland and is sonically rooted in American country standards. The primary issue here, however, is that Tolman does not even threaten … Continue reading “Russ Tolman “Goodbye El Dorado” (Blue Rose Records, 2019)”

Karine Polwart “Laws of Motion” (Hudson Records, 2018)

A cornerstone of the Scottish folk scene, six times winner at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards along with a host of other accolades, Karine Polwart goes from strength to strength with this magnificent album which is rich in tradition yet speaks strongly to the current times. ‘Laws of Motion’, while not a concept album … Continue reading “Karine Polwart “Laws of Motion” (Hudson Records, 2018)”

Billy Bragg & Joe Henry, Union Chapel, London, 16th January 2017

Serendipity – it happens all the time, that accidental crossing of life’s tentative threads that seem to indicate something significant when a connection is made. Travelling in London by train one inevitably comes into contact with the free newspapers, and tonight the Standard is proclaiming the death of the £300K home. Seems there has been … Continue reading “Billy Bragg & Joe Henry, Union Chapel, London, 16th January 2017”