Green Day and Miranda Lambert “Ordinary World” – Listen

Ordinary World is the new song from Green Day taken from their new collection “Greatest Hits: God’s Favorite Band.”  The song’s first iteration came in a 2016 film starring frontman Billie Joe Armstrong as an aging punk rocker and was later released, in a stripped down, acoustic fashion, on Green Day’s 2016 album “Revolution Radio”. The … Continue reading “Green Day and Miranda Lambert “Ordinary World” – Listen”

Chloe Foy “Callous Copper” – Listen

Chloe Foy is at her most intimate on this gentlest of love songs, which has been given an even more romantic edge by being recorded with a string quartet.  The combination of poetry and the elegant arrangement cannot help but bring to mind thoughts of such chamber folk artists of the past – say Nick … Continue reading “Chloe Foy “Callous Copper” – Listen”

Jason Tyler Burton “High Road To Harlan” – Listen

Jason Tyler Burton’s having a busy Summer – he’s just played at Montana’s  Red Ants Pants Music Festival, and has a new album ‘Kentuckian‘ all ready to go on September 6th.  This here’s the first single from it – a fully realised story of an 85 year old Appalachian coal miner looking at the remains … Continue reading “Jason Tyler Burton “High Road To Harlan” – Listen”

Amber Cross, The Blue Lamp, Aberdeen, 25th April 2019

Amber Cross was born to stir the emotions. That can be the only conclusion for anyone lucky (or smart) enough to witness her delightfully working through her 19 song set in the intimate setting of the upstairs lounge of The Blue Lamp in Aberdeen. Over the course of almost two and a half hours, aided … Continue reading “Amber Cross, The Blue Lamp, Aberdeen, 25th April 2019”

Amber Cross “Savage on the Downhill” (Independent, 2019)

Certain albums, need to be heard at a particular time of day. You wouldn’t listen to ‘Never mind the Bollocks’ at breakfast, nor ‘No Sleep Till Hammersmith’ with tea and toast. Likewise, this album needs to be heard, and sounds best, late in the evening reflecting on the day, with a glass of something to contemplate. It is … Continue reading “Amber Cross “Savage on the Downhill” (Independent, 2019)”

Tim Carr “Long Enough Along for the Ride” – Listen

Taken from his latest EP released towards the end of last year,  Los Angeles based singer, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Tim Carr offers this delicate song.   ‘Long Enough Along For The Ride’ is influenced by French chamber music – combined with 60’s minimalistic pop – to give it something of a whispery Belle and Sebastian feel.

Hollow Hand “Milestone” – Listen

Hollow Hand is a band spearheaded by Brighton resident Max Kinghorn-Mills and ‘Milestone‘ is the lead single from the Hollow Hand’s debut album ‘Star Chamber‘ which was released on October 19th 2018, via Talkshow Records.  Kinghorn Mills finds 2018 a scary place, but acknowledges that there’s salvation in art “I’m probably trying to divert my mind from the … Continue reading “Hollow Hand “Milestone” – Listen”

Tim Carr “Take Me There” – Listen

The thing about being a jazz drummer is that it pretty much ensures that there’ll be more interesting rhythm’s to one’s music.  Which explains some of Tim Carr’s lead track from his upcoming EP ‘Swing & Turn‘, which is a melodic slice of chamber-pop: which of course means it sounds somewhat like Belle and Sebastian … Continue reading “Tim Carr “Take Me There” – Listen”

P.D. Liddle “You Shouldn’t Have Called” – Listen

Previously Peter Liddle was the frontman of East London folk-rock band Dry the River.  After almost a decade of making music, including a pair of album releases, the band decided to call it a day in 2015.   P.D. Liddle has since signed to Xtra Mile Recordings, and ‘You shouldn’t have called’ marks the first fruits … Continue reading “P.D. Liddle “You Shouldn’t Have Called” – Listen”

Gabriel Moreno and The Quivering Poets “Farewell Belief” (Amber Records, 2017)

You might find him playing in a smoky underground backstreet cellar bar in the Spanish quarter of Soho – perhaps Mannette Street, where the San Miguel flows and the tapas are passed around. It’s certainly the image that’s conjured when the Quivering Poets strike up. Not that they have any flamenco tendencies or Catalonian sensibilities … Continue reading “Gabriel Moreno and The Quivering Poets “Farewell Belief” (Amber Records, 2017)”