Track Premiere: Eric Bolander “Closer To That Flame”

“The darkness is creeping all over my soul / hold me closer to that flame” sings Eric Bolander on this song taken from his album ‘The Wind‘ (due out March 29th).  For Eric Bolander the darkness is real – when he explains about the album it’s clear that for all its big country-come-folk-rock sounds it … Continue reading “Track Premiere: Eric Bolander “Closer To That Flame””

UK Americana Gig Guide

Welcome to the new Americana UK gig guide. You can search by artist name, town or venue – if you want gigs just in Liverpool for instance, just start typing ‘Liver’ in the search box below. For more information on an artist, just click on their name. If you’re a promoter/artist and want your UK gig listed, … Continue reading “UK Americana Gig Guide”

Interview: Christopher Rees

A delayed train meant I had a moment to use the ‘library’ on the platform provided by WH Smiths, and a rapid peruse of Uncut Magazine, in which I stumbled across a review of ‘The Nashville Songs’, cool title, by Christopher Rees, cool hat in the picture on the sleeve.  A brief exchange of emails … Continue reading “Interview: Christopher Rees”