Doghouse Roses “Lost is Not Losing” (Yellowroom Music, 2016)


doghouse-roses-jpegDear Danny Boyle, if it’s not too late, you should consider some of the tracks from the new Doghouse Roses album for inclusion on the Trainspotting 2 soundtrack. Danny, I know that you know they’re from Glasgow (and not Leith Walk) and that Lost Is Not Losing is their third album. I guess you’ve already picked up on the buzz that Iona Macdonald’s voice has been creating way above and far below the Trossachs. But did you know that there are tracks on Lost is Not Losing that could have been tailor-made with Renton, Spud, Sick Boy, and Begbie in mind?

‘Pour’ could actually be about any of them: a bevy-soaked bar towel of a song that has seen more beer than that saloon-bar floor that Begbie threw his pint-pot over. ‘Pour me another, that’s what he said, coz I’d rather be drunk or I’d rather be dead / Pour me another to chase you away, to the edge of the night or the break of the day.

Macdonald and band-mate, guitarist Paul Trasker, who has been mentioned in the same breath as Bert Jansch, have been around and played many crepuscular beer cellars and dingy clubs and have obviously witnessed the horrors of addiction, be it just ciggies or a wee bevy or whatever. ‘Feed the Monster’. C’moan, Danny, what do you think that song could be about? Frank Begbie, perchance? He definitely fits the profile. ‘Oh when the city calls from the belly of the beast / When the darkness comes to lighten your reprieve. Wasn’t it easier to believe? / Feed the monster, make it stronger.’ It’s got ‘DOUBLE FAAHKIN VODDY  N COKE THEN CUNT!’ written all over it.

Could it be possible that the boys from the bad stuff have cleaned their act up completely?  I know we have to wait until the end of January to find out. But knowing the lads and their previous exploits it’s somewhat unlikely. Doghouse Roses mirror the darkness of late night Glasgow (and Edinburgh) and a thousand busy bars and clubs up and down the country. I guess they’ll have to keep oan and ‘Weather the Storm’, which is an up-tempo tune where Macdonald sounds like a cross between  Florence (Welch, not Nightingale,) and Sandy Denny, where she looks forward to a fairer, utopian society, where the political elite and the 1 per cent do not control every aspect of  our lives and the rampant surge of mindless Global nationalistic fervour dissipates and is flushed away like the first pish of the day. Macdonald’s pint glass is definitely more than half-full on this song.

Danny, I think you and Irvine would both enjoy this album, if not for any scenes within T2, or failing that, inclusion on the credits at the end of the film, then just to chill out with at home.

Choose life: ‘Life is political,’ declares Macdonald, emphatically. ‘Politics isn’t about detached politicians. It’s about how we live our lives every day and how we choose to treat the people and the world around us.’

Choose Doghouse Roses: ‘Sometimes life leads you off the beaten track: into the realms of despair and redemption. In the hinterlands is often where we find the answers and questions that allow us to forge our way back through the undergrowth,’ says Trasker. ‘Toward new paths. The music on Lost is Not Losing is borne from these moments.’

Choose it’s really good, Danny. We update it every day. We report on some of the best faahkin music in the whole world, d’ya ken? Aye, thought ya would.  We care.

Anyhoo, thanks for listening, Danny.

Best of luck for T2, we cannae wait.

Author: Muff Fitzgerald

Muff Fitzgerald has worked as a roadie, publicist, broadcaster and journalist. Music makes his world go round and round and round. Somebody make it stop, please!

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