Ben Fisher “Does The Land Remember Me?” (Independent 2018)

The editor here at Americana UK runs a very democratic ship and the poor staff writers never know from one week to the next what will be sent their way for review.  So, it was with some surprise and no little trepidation that a request to review Ben Fisher’s Folk/Americana album ‘Does the Land Remember … Continue reading “Ben Fisher “Does The Land Remember Me?” (Independent 2018)”

JP Harris “Sometimes Dogs Bark at Nothing” (Free Dirt Records 2018)

For this, his third full-length album, JP Harris has enlisted the production skills of Morgan Jahnig (Old Crow Medicine Show) to help capture some of his life stories. JP’s had a rootless existence, with a background resembling that of a latter-day hobo. But what of the music? The album’s songs can best be classed as … Continue reading “JP Harris “Sometimes Dogs Bark at Nothing” (Free Dirt Records 2018)”

The Good Morning Nags “The Good Morning Nags EP” (Independent 2018)

A six piece “country folk” band from New York City, The Good Morning Nags have honed their skills over the past couple of years busking in the Big Apple with Central Park, Greenwich village and various subway platforms regular venues. Presumably in an effort to catch the attention of passers by they are a raucous … Continue reading “The Good Morning Nags “The Good Morning Nags EP” (Independent 2018)”

Dan Michaelson “First Light” (The state51 Conspiracy, 2017)

First Light is an album of elegant music which serves as a frame for Dan Michaelson’s distinctive cracked and battered vocals – like a canvas sail hauled out for another use in the face of an oncoming storm. A concept album of sorts, based on the thoughts that fill the mind as consciousness returns as … Continue reading “Dan Michaelson “First Light” (The state51 Conspiracy, 2017)”

The Captain of Sorrow “Racetrack Babies” (Musikministeriet, 2018)

Late of the Danish band Racetrack Babies, Hans-Christian Segaard Andersen wanted these 12 songs to sound like 12 different bands and the title of each song is meant to be a possible name for a band. It doesn’t make for continuity but it does make it interesting. Buzzword Surfers is a decent name for a band, … Continue reading “The Captain of Sorrow “Racetrack Babies” (Musikministeriet, 2018)”

Gill Landry “Love rides a dark horse” (Loose Music, 2017)

Gill Landry had it all – he was in the Old Crow Medicine Show, had just won his second Grammy with that band, and moreover he was in love – not just in love but all set to be married. Feeling a need to move on musically he decided to go solo, recorded an album … Continue reading “Gill Landry “Love rides a dark horse” (Loose Music, 2017)”

Lean Year “Waterloo Suns” – Listen

Lean Year are Richmond, VA based singer Emilie Rex and filmmaker / musician Rick Alverson and their new single is one last taster from their debut album which is now out. “Waterloo Suns” was premiered via Brooklyn Vegan who called it; “a modern, atmospheric take on ’60s folk, and it sounds very pretty.” Stereogum described it as “a gorgeous piece of … Continue reading “Lean Year “Waterloo Suns” – Listen”

Neil Young produces animated video for “Hitchhiker” – Watch

A nice little double helping of videos for you today, your eyes can thank you later. Rolling Stone reports: “Neil Young offers an illustrated journey across America in the new video for “Hitchhiker,” the title track from his just-unearthed 1976 LP. The images correspond to Young’s lyrics throughout the video: During the second verse, when Young’s titular … Continue reading “Neil Young produces animated video for “Hitchhiker” – Watch”

Paul Messinger “America 2.0 – Assorted Tales and The New Myth” (Independent 2017)

America 2.0 is an extraordinary album that attempts to examine the very concept of what America is in the Trump era and what it means to be part of the great American melting pot. It is massive in its ambition and scope and it very nearly pulls it off. Messinger is patently a very savvy … Continue reading “Paul Messinger “America 2.0 – Assorted Tales and The New Myth” (Independent 2017)”

Fleet Foxes “Crack-Up” (Nonesuch, 2017)

Fleet Foxes have not been exemplifying the work ethic – having dramatically emerged onto the music scene in 2008 with the Sun Giant EP and then their eponymous debut it was a full three years until the follow up Helplessness Blues. That was three years in which the Foxes achieved an ubiquity rarely accorded a … Continue reading “Fleet Foxes “Crack-Up” (Nonesuch, 2017)”