Home Life: Michael Weston King

For nigh on thirty years UK singer-songwriter Michael Weston King has been forging himself a well-respected lofty position on the roots scene with his solo work, the now defunct country rockers The Good Sons, and most recently alongside his musical and life partner Lou Dalgleish in My Darling Clementine. Drawing inspiration from the classic Texan … Continue reading “Home Life: Michael Weston King”

Support Your Local Venue: The Crown Nantwich

The Crown Inn, Nantwich South Cheshire, is a black and white timbered building, grade two listed and over four centuries old. Landlord Roger Crockett was murdered in a brawl on 19 December 1572, in a case that involved many of the town’s gentry and was heard in the Star Chamber.  The original ‘Crowne’ was one … Continue reading “Support Your Local Venue: The Crown Nantwich”

AUK’s top 10 Americana albums ever: Clint West

Welcome to a brand new feature. At AUK we are on a quest to find the ‘Top 10 Americana Albums Ever’. Over the coming weeks and months each AUK writer will in turn, present their own personal selections. When each writer has had their say, a shortlist of the most frequently chosen albums will be … Continue reading “AUK’s top 10 Americana albums ever: Clint West”

Forgotten Artists – Roger Tillison

Roger Tillison is not a name many will have come across in the first place let alone forgotten. However, he is a fine example of the Tulsa Sound of the ‘60s and ‘70s, which included Leon Russell and J J Cale as its standard-bearers. Additionally, he spent time in Woodstock when Dylan and The Band … Continue reading “Forgotten Artists – Roger Tillison”

The best gigs of 2019: a personal reflection

“I think that live music is something that the internet can never kill”  – Jim James (My Morning Jacket).  In an age when we can access our favourite music in so many ways and so many forms, for me the best way remains – live. I’m not talking massive stadium or arena gigs, but small … Continue reading “The best gigs of 2019: a personal reflection”

Nathan Bell announces new single and EP, UK dates

Nathan Bell was voted Male Performer of The Year in our 2017 annual readers’ poll and came runner-up in the same category at the end of last year, so it’s fair to say he has a lot of UK fans which is a good thing since he has announced a new eight-track EP and vinyl … Continue reading “Nathan Bell announces new single and EP, UK dates”

Dinah Brand “Thank You Driver” (Transduction Records, 2019)

A four-piece band from Dublin, Dinah Brand prove to be quite a seductive listen on this, their third album. There’s a dreamlike quality to much of the album, the songs almost translucent as they float from the speakers. Despite this apparent lightness of foot there’s a powerful engine room driving the music. A nice sludgy … Continue reading “Dinah Brand “Thank You Driver” (Transduction Records, 2019)”

AmericanA to Z: Terry Allen

Today we’re re-starting a series we got going with a while ago before it abruptly came to a halt. Our favourite not so well known artists, going through the alphabet, week by week, starting this week with Terry Allen:  A conceptual artist, sculptor and painter as well as being a tremendous songwriter, Texan Terry Allen … Continue reading “AmericanA to Z: Terry Allen”

Noah and the Whale’s Matt Owens to release solo album – November

Matt Owens, founder member of the lovely Noah and the Whale, will be releasing his first solo album late November. Currently being recorded at Airtight Studios in Manchester, the album is being produced by Nigel Stonier (Thea Gilmore, Joan Baez, The Waterboys) and is the first time since Noah and the Whale and Matt’s band … Continue reading “Noah and the Whale’s Matt Owens to release solo album – November”