Bill Callahan “Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest” (Drag City, 2019)

Bill Callahan makes everything sound momentous – that dark growl of a baritone, reminiscent of Kurt Wagner, adds weight of course.  And then there’s the quietly, and intellectually, confessional side of his lyrics which means that the lyrics tend to drop like concrete blocks, cemented permanently in place before the next thought is paraded slyly … Continue reading “Bill Callahan “Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest” (Drag City, 2019)”

Erin Rae releases new EP ahead of forthcoming tour

Nashville based singer songwriter, Erin Rae, and AUK favourite has released a new EP, ‘Putting On Airs Demos’, to celebrate the one year anniversary of her breakthrough record ‘Putting On Airs’. Along with the title track, the EP features 4 songs from the album, including ‘The Grand Scheme,’ ‘The Real Thing,’ and ‘Can’t Cut Loose’.

Greg Felden “Made of Strings” (Independent, 2019)

Already an established musician in America, where he is based in Los Angeles, this is Greg Felden’s full length debut album. His choice of producer here is significant – Al Sgro who began his professional career working with Gary Jules, touring the world on the success of ‘Mad World’. His experience shines through here, through … Continue reading “Greg Felden “Made of Strings” (Independent, 2019)”

Union Duke “Golden Days” (Independent, 2019)

Union Duke are self-styled “folk quintet” from Toronto made up of Ethan Smith, Jim McDonald, Matt Warry-Smith, Will Staunton and Rob McLaren, five long-time friends who have in their third album ‘Golden Days’, made a very friendly album. It’s radio friendly, headphone-friendly, stereo system friendly and when they tour or play festivals, live friendly too.

Who? What? Where? Why? & Werewolves “Greatest Hits” (Independent, 2019)

Indie bluegrass from Philadelphia? Complicated moniker? Super ironic album title? Hipster alert senses are tingling with this reviewer. However, let’s not judge a book by its cover. These guys (Andrew Fullerton and Matt Orlando) were formerly the crux of Philly rock scene stalwarts The Tressels, which is a much shorter, manageable band name.

The Get Ahead “Deepest Light” (Jullian Records, 2019)

The ‘Deepest Light’ from Portland-based quintet The Get Ahead, is a difficult album to categorise. Embracing the sounds of americana by way of some floaty ’70s disco rock: songs catch you unawares. Not overly disconcerting, it all keeps you interested and wondering where they’re taking you next. The variety of genres in The Get Ahead … Continue reading “The Get Ahead “Deepest Light” (Jullian Records, 2019)”

Emmeline “Empire” – Listen

It just cannot be a coincidence that this big piano-led song by Dallas’ Emmeline is more than a little reminiscent of The National’s ‘Fake Empire‘.  Maybe it’s because, like the Dessners, she has a classical background, and has been playing since the age of four.  Maybe it’s because the song – although much softer toned … Continue reading “Emmeline “Empire” – Listen”

Adam Thomas Brown “Another Lonely Ghost” (Independent, 2019)

Spoiler alert: the appearance of ‘Another Lonely Ghost’ will probably not shake the foundations of either psych folk, indie-rock or alt-country, the three genres Adam Thomas Brown’s debut solo album meshes together so efficiently and gracefully. But if maybe not groundbreaking, ‘Another Lonely Ghost’ does add a distinctive, if somewhat melancholy, voice to all three genres. … Continue reading “Adam Thomas Brown “Another Lonely Ghost” (Independent, 2019)”

Plàsi “Mystery” – Listen

Swedish songwriter, musician, and producer Plàsi has released three singles from his EP, ‘Mystery‘ being one of them.  ‘Mystery‘ is a musing, dreamy and folky guitar based song – with twin levels of mysteriousness, a wide-eyed awe of nature and the sense of another presence close at hand but  somehow out of sight.  It was … Continue reading “Plàsi “Mystery” – Listen”