Tom Russell, The 100 Club, London, 29th March 2019

To say that Tom Russell was in a buoyant mood on-stage at the legendary 100 Club would be an understatement of huge proportions. There was a definite party atmosphere – Tom’s UK label Proper Records were out in force to support him and with good reason, the new album ‘October in the Railroad Earth‘ had … Continue reading “Tom Russell, The 100 Club, London, 29th March 2019”

Kristina Stykos “River of Light” (Thunder Records, 2019)

‘River of Light’ is the fifth studio album from Vermont based singer-songwriter Kristina Stykos. For the most part it’s an upbeat optimistic collection of songs which have the distinct feel of poetry set to various styles of traditional Americana music. Indeed, some of the lyrics are spoken not sung. Stykos explains the meaning behind the … Continue reading “Kristina Stykos “River of Light” (Thunder Records, 2019)”

Grain Electric, The Peer Hat, Manchester, 16th March 2019

Stuart Warburton and Jamie Fildes previously worked together in the 1980s as members of the excellent Rhythmaires. When that band broke up, each went their separate ways; Fildes enjoying some minor success with the band Buchanan (who had an 8/10 album review by AUK back in 2010) and Warburton performing as a solo artist. Now … Continue reading “Grain Electric, The Peer Hat, Manchester, 16th March 2019”

Pick of the Political Pops: The High Llamas “Checking In and Checking Out”

“It’s been a quiet week in politics and we don’t really have much to say…” …said no one ever. When the ‘leader’ of a ‘government’ suffers two of the three most catastrophic defeats in the history of Parliament one would probably expect them to resign. Not so PM Terry Might. Here is a person who … Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: The High Llamas “Checking In and Checking Out””

Track Premiere – The Brookses “Little Miss Raincloud”

The Brookses are a folk duo of daughter and father Meg Brooks and Jim Brooks.  Jim adds the flat top guitar and harmonising vocals, whilst Meg takes the lead on ‘Little Miss Raincloud‘.  The song isn’t inspired by a deep admiration for Roger Hargreaves’ books, rather as Meg explains “I wrote ‘Little Miss Raincloud’ when … Continue reading “Track Premiere – The Brookses “Little Miss Raincloud””

Wanderingted “I Could Be You” (Independent, 2018)

Wanderingted is both the alias of the singer-songwriter Ted Schmitz and the clue to what he sounds like. His debut album ‘I Could Be You’ is a folk-rock journey to a new place somewhere between Saint Paul, Minnesota, where he was born; a garden shed in London where he wrote the album; and his current … Continue reading “Wanderingted “I Could Be You” (Independent, 2018)”

Daniel Steinbock “Out of Blue” (Independent, 2019)

Daniel Steinbock’s first full-length release, ‘Out of Blue’, is a relaxing, calming and often beautiful reflection on love in its various forms. Throughout, there is a sense of hope and positivity, even finding the good in heartbreak and hard times. Steinbock sings: “When the heart feels broke open wide / It’s the beginning of the … Continue reading “Daniel Steinbock “Out of Blue” (Independent, 2019)”

Steve Gunn “The Unseen in Between” (Matador Records, 2019)

Maybe the best example of an “underground” artist coming to the fore that we’ve come across in recent years, Steve Gunn is perhaps best known as having been Kurt Vile’s guitarist. However, he has a healthy back catalogue of solo and collaborative recordings and with ‘The Unseen In Between’ gathering a great deal of media … Continue reading “Steve Gunn “The Unseen in Between” (Matador Records, 2019)”

Angus McOg head to UK for dates next week

Italian alt.folk and Americana band (not a phrase we use that often) Angus McOg return to the UK for the first time in six years to play dates in support of acclaimed third album ‘Beginners’. Angus McOg is the group project of singer-songwriter Antoni Tavoni from Modena, in the north of the country, renowned as … Continue reading “Angus McOg head to UK for dates next week”