Dirty Dozen: Rob Richings

Rob Richings, 2016If second chances are for the lucky, singer-songwriter Rob Richings is one of the luckiest. Diagnosed in 2009 with what proved to be a near-fatal illness, once he beat it Richings decided enough was enough and it was time to get serious about his music. So after jacking in his decorating job, and now relatively healthy, it’s time to make good on his promise to himself. Continue reading “Dirty Dozen: Rob Richings”

Paul Goodwin “The Northern Lights In The Neon Tube” (Independent, 2016)

"Goodwin-Paul-2016"Four years in the making but The Northern Lights In The Neon Tube is not the result of endless hours spent tinkering in the studio, budgets be blasted. Instead the gap is explained by Cambridge musician Goodwin as due to him being, “incredibly slow at doing things.” Well, good things come to those who wait and Goodwin certainly delivers here with a melancholic set of songs that he has handcrafted virtually by himself as he plays all instruments bar drums, the songs recorded at his home. Continue reading “Paul Goodwin “The Northern Lights In The Neon Tube” (Independent, 2016)”

Winter Mountain Announce New Record, Dates

Cornish singer-songwriter Joe Francis aka Winter Mountain is releasing his new record I Swear I Flew on November 18th, the first since his critically acclaimed self-titled debut in 2013 which the Sunday Express described as “an utterly fabulous record” (probably before laying into some more migrants for doing something).  Written between Ireland, the north coast of Cornwall, and across a stark winter spent in the French Alps, the album features contributions from Seth Lakeman on several tracks.   If you want to find out what all the fuss is about for yourself, you can catch him at headline shows which kick off in Worthing next Friday.  Continue reading “Winter Mountain Announce New Record, Dates”

Virgin of the Birds “Secret Kids” (Song, By Toad Records, 2016)

virgin-of-the-birdsJon Rooney records are documents of how songs are captured at the moment of recording. I always suspect that the next time I hear the song it could be significantly different, and in this respect he’s like Howe Gelb. He shares the immediacy (but not quite the Bandcamp catalogue) of Car Seat Headrest, moving between lo-fi and art-rock seamlessly. Some songs are fully realised, and if they are not, they may be at some future point. There’s an affinity with the Silver Jews and Clem Snide and it is the mark of the man that Jon Rooney holds his own in such company. Continue reading “Virgin of the Birds “Secret Kids” (Song, By Toad Records, 2016)”

Seth Faergolzia “High Diver” (Blang, 2016)

seth Faergolzia 2016When I received this, I was intrigued. A bunch of songs taken from a larger bunch of songs, the results of a period where Our Seth was writing a song a day for a hundred days. Wow! Get that!, I thought. Let’s go! Press ‘play‘, “High Diver”: title track, good, decent; though something’s definitely off. Then “Rubbing It In” happens and there it is. Two tracks in and he’s had himself off. It made me think of the imperious Chilly Gonzales jamming with Kiwi ledges, Flight of the Conchords but sadly, it’s not. It’s a bad thing, and the cod Celtic mess that follows is worrying – despite saving itself after a couple of minute, I was left thinking, after the third song, “this guy’s made 20 albums? How come he doesn’t know what he’s good at yet?” because the absence of cohesion and identity just makes it a mess and unbelievable.  Continue reading “Seth Faergolzia “High Diver” (Blang, 2016)”

Here’s the Shortlist for Tonight’s CMA Awards (Updated with Winners)

Some decent americana-y musicians in here including Jerry Douglas.  Good luck Jerry!  Rolling Stone reports: “The 50th annual CMA Awards are set to award country’s top artists later this evening, but two trophies have already been presented this morning: Musical Event of the Year and Music Video of the Year. After performing on Good Morning America in downtown Nashville, Dierks Bentley was announced as the winner of Musical Event of the Year along with Elle King in recognition of their duet Different for Girls.”  Continue reading “Here’s the Shortlist for Tonight’s CMA Awards (Updated with Winners)”

Kyle Carey launches Kickstarter for new album

Kyle Carey, purveyor of Gaelic Americana, has launched a Kickstarter for her new album, The Art Of Forgetting.  Her previous two have been very well received both on this site and elsewhere so should you feel inclined (and you should) click on the link below and donate a few pounds.  Some fine rewards available too.

Laish “Pendulum Swing” (Talitres, 2016)

laishThese songs are laced in equal measure with cynicism and charm – at his best Danny Green can produce songs that are lyrically and musically spot-on. ‘Vague’ is a world weary slightly melancholic exploration of ageing with an insidious tune that pushes its way into my affections. It’s a kind of post-millennial slacker-rock, Malkmus by way of Richard Ford. Continue reading “Laish “Pendulum Swing” (Talitres, 2016)”