Murphykid “Skeletons” (Murphykid Records, 2018)

There’s a rather sweet tale behind this album which involves Al Murphy, AKA Murphykid, retreating, wounded following a broke down love affair, to a garden shed in order to pour his heart out to an eight-track recorder. This all  happened back in 2004, just before Bon Iver carved out a career from a similar move … Continue reading “Murphykid “Skeletons” (Murphykid Records, 2018)”

Interview: Passenger

One of the things I like to smugly get annoyed about is when you mention Passenger and someone says “Oh I really like them” and I’m like “Er, it’s a he” with a disapproving stare. To be fair, Passenger used to be a “them” when they had some added punctuation to their moniker but that … Continue reading “Interview: Passenger”

Passenger “Runaway” (Black Crow, 2018)

Passenger aka Mike Rosenberg has been writing songs with a prolificacy that would leave most other songwriters, Willie Nelson aside maybe, in the dust. He’s barely released a new record before another set of songs present themselves, sometimes through gigs, sometimes through clips posted on YouTube.  Hearing a song in a live setting or acoustically … Continue reading “Passenger “Runaway” (Black Crow, 2018)”

Drive By Truckers unveil new Adam’s House Cat album – Listen

Which is you have to admit an amazing name for a band. Have a good weekend dear reader – we leave you with news that Drive-By Truckers have announced the long-awaited arrival of ‘Town Burned Down’, the first-ever official release from singer/songwriter/guitarists Mike Cooley and Patterson Hood’s original incarnation as Adam’s House Cat.

Bob Rea “Southbound” (Shiny Dime Records, 2018)

Bob Rea, will be a complete unknown to most, and yet this Nashville-based singer-songwriter arrives with this release, fully formed. He’s actually been making music for 50 years now, even though this is only his third recording, the last album coming out 7 years ago. He’s definitely of the old school, his weathered, gravel tones … Continue reading “Bob Rea “Southbound” (Shiny Dime Records, 2018)”

Alejandro Escovedo announces new album, releases new track – Listen

News in this morning from RS Country on new music from a legend: “As far as rock & roll goes, Alejandro Escovedo’s new song “Sonica USA” is a true melting pot – which is apt, given that the performer’s career has been about as varied they get. The first song to be released from the Escovedo’s … Continue reading “Alejandro Escovedo announces new album, releases new track – Listen”

Passenger leans into americana for new album, due August

We leave you this week with news that Passenger aka Brighton’s Mike Rosenberg has announced details of his new album ‘Runaway’, which will be released on August 31st on Black Crow Records via Cooking Vinyl and is available to pre-order now. ‘Runaway’ will be released on CD, Vinyl LP and download with Deluxe 2CD, 2LP and Deluxe Digital formats available that include … Continue reading “Passenger leans into americana for new album, due August”

I See Hawks in L.A. “Live and Never Learn” (Blue Rose, 2018)

How many bands have suffered the “sounds like the Eagles” curse? Even if being mentioned in the same breath surely means they must be onto something good, attempting to match the songwriting and vocal skills of Messrs Henley and Frey is surely an invidious task and is doomed to suffer by comparison. ‘Live and Never Learn,’ the … Continue reading “I See Hawks in L.A. “Live and Never Learn” (Blue Rose, 2018)”

Video: Passenger “Hell or High Water”

We keep telling anyone who’ll listen that Passenger, aka Brighton’s Mike Rosenberg, is one of the finest contemporary songwriters around and today he’s today released new single ‘Hell Or High Water’ which is in a word fantastico. Directed by long-time collaborator Jarrad Seng, the video is a result of a three-week road trip across the USA, … Continue reading “Video: Passenger “Hell or High Water””

CMA elects rabid Republican to board – and then changes its mind

An interesting tale over the last couple of days almost made for the 24-hour news cycle. On Tuesday, the philanthropic arm of the Country Music Association announced the election of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee to its board of directors. Huckabee, a Republican who believes in creationism and sometime host on the Christian channel Trinity Broadcast Network, … Continue reading “CMA elects rabid Republican to board – and then changes its mind”