Ruston Kelly covers Dashboard Confessional’s “Screaming Infidelities” – Listen

Ruston Kelly could sing a 50-hour version of the phone book (something we had when phones had cords kids) and we’d still love it. On his forthcoming new project ‘Dirt Emo Vol. 1’ available October 11th, he covers some of his favourite artists including the Carter Family and Taylor Swift. One such cover is a version of Dashboard Confessional’s classic ‘Screaming Infidelities’ which features the band’s lead singer Chris Carrabba, along with some nice pedal steel and whispered harmonies. Have a listen. Oh and the tracklist, all eight of them, is below.

Ruston Kelly – Dirt Emo Vol. 1 tracklist:

“Screaming Infidelities” feat. Chris Carrabba [Dashboard Confessional]
“Teenage Dirtbag (Live)” [Wheatus]
“At Your Funeral” [Saves the Day]
“Dammit” [Blink-182]
“All Too Well” [Taylor Swift]
“Teenage Dirtbag (Acoustic)” [Wheatus]
“Weeping Willow” [The Carter Family]
“Helena” [My Chemical Romance]

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Author: Mark Whitfield

Mark Whitfield has been the Editor of Americana UK for the last 17 years and still feels like this is his pretend job, mainly because it is.

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