The O’s “Honeycomb” (Smith Music Group, 2016)

1455042856_the-os-honeycomb-2016-flacOMG! A new LP from The O’s! The O’s specialise in up-tempo toe-tappers driven by banjo and guitar that are simply irresistible. Naturally, being good boys from Dallas, Texas, Taylor Young and John Pedigo are the epitome of clean-living gentlemen and mind their p’s and q’s on this new platter, produced by their chum, Chris ‘Frenchie’ Smith. The O’s are the sort of young men mothers love and their daughters will want to be their BFF’s.

The E’s that The O’s were spiked with in their hilarious video for ‘Outlaw’ were undoubtedly fake, stage props, but medication features in their psyche once more on ‘Honeycomb’, on the delightful slide-guitared and banjo-picked treat, ‘Medicine’, whereupon they declare their love for their muse: ‘You’re my medicine/you are the light that shines within’.

The deliciously catchy melodies that inhabit ‘Brand New Start’, are reminiscent of Rockpile’s version of Nick Lowe’s ‘I Knew The Bride When She Used To Rock ‘n’ Roll’, either that or one of Don and Phil’s glorious, timeless vocal lines, which might be what inspired Lowe in the first instance. Either way, The O’s track is a naughty little ear worm that loves to burrow down deeply in one’s auditory canal.

‘Running on Fumes’ sees our hero feeling elated and ‘hanging off the 37th Floor’ because a new flame has ignited the internal combustion engine contained inside his heart. ‘Can’t tell your colour, are you green, or red? / I think you’re gold! / You’re the one who makes me feel whole. / You always keep me wanting more! / You are adored!’ Talk about vroooom, vroooom, vroooom!

The lads get all philosophical on ‘Woken Up’ singing of some deep wisdom they discovered just off the coast by the North Sea. ‘I’ve been woken up after a thousand years’ they sing. Could it be whilst on tour in the UK, they went to the Dhanakosa retreat centre in Scotland where they gained cosmic enlightenment and with radiant awareness stepped mindfully into the Dharmakaya? Chaps, we would like to know. No, really. We’re intrigued.

BTW The O’s fan base will get p.o’d if I omit to mention that there isn’t one track on ‘Honeycomb’ that is BM! (As dear Mr. Monk used to say.) It’s all good. And I’m totes not BSing you!

‘Honeycomb’ is a TGIF type of LP. One that you put on loud on Friday night when you sunder the bonds that cause you suffering and have kept you tethered to the yoke all week. Turn it up and get it going on. BYO. BWYR, OK! Like, be who you are, maaan, or Chiquita. If you don’t like The O’s, then you can just F off, OK? As The O’s say on ‘Fourteen Days’ ‘All we’ve got is 3 chords and the truth.’ Is that TMI? Not too OTT? No? Good. Don’t go getting FUBARed guys. All that’s left to say then is TTFN!

Author: Muff Fitzgerald

Muff Fitzgerald has worked as a roadie, publicist, broadcaster and journalist. Music makes his world go round and round and round. Somebody make it stop, please!

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