Vote for your favourite stuff from 2018!

Well dear reader, it’s that time of year again when we look back and think, Christ almighty the world is a grim place right now – we suspect the feeling will be persistent for a while to come until the up and coming great socialist revolution (watch this space). As per usual, we’d like to hear your thoughts on what bowled you over during the last 12 months (plus our tradition villain of the year despite the fact that the category is probably redundant until 2021. Although…You can choose up to 3 picks for each category although please note if you just put the same artist in each music related category and leave the rest blank then your vote will be discounted (trust us, it stops some huge miscarriages of justice taking place.)  Get your votes in using the form below please by midnight on Sunday 16th December 2018 and we’ll try and count the votes in time for Christmas.  One winner will be randomly drawn who’ll win some nice sealed promo CDs we have lying around AUK Towers. Happy voting!

Please note that the form below is causing database errors for some people – apologies for this if this happens when you try to submit, but you can also send your votes to this email address.