Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Brady Harris

We end the week with a real treat.  Through our ongoing series of mini-gigs, we are trying to recreate the joy of live performance in the comfort of your own home.  Here, Brady Harris provides an Americana masterclass in both songwriting and performance.  He has proved time and again that he can craft superb songs, full of melody and smart lyrics. Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Brady Harris”

Siv Jakobsen “Anywhere Else” – Listen

Anywhere Else‘ has Siv Jakobsen analysing her anxieties – not the little ones that can nag every few minutes or so through a day but the really big ones that can be overwhelming enough to restrict a life.  Like having to walk everywhere even though you can drive because “I’m scared of dying, scared of breaking, scared of killing someone else along my way.Continue reading “Siv Jakobsen “Anywhere Else” – Listen”

Gerry Cinnamon “The Bonny” (Little Runaway Records, 2020)

The Bonny‘ is the second album from Scottish-born Gerry Cinnamon. Known for his live performances, Cinnamon has created a large following of loyal fans who belt out the lyrics to his songs in a mass singalong at every show. Understandably gutted by delays to live shows this year, Cinnamon remains practical and comments “Anyone that knows me knows all I care about is folk having a class night and getting home safe”. This realism is felt throughout the album. Melodies are simple. Tracks are pretty stripped back mostly featuring Cinnamon, his guitar and occasional harmonica. It’s the simplicity that makes this really work. Continue reading “Gerry Cinnamon “The Bonny” (Little Runaway Records, 2020)”

Video Premiere: Arborist “By Rote”

Watching the dancers perform in this video is strangely beautiful and calming.  The same can be said of the music.  The young dancers,
Isabella Dunbar, Lucy Dunbar and Ciarán Mac Giolla Cheara, reflect the song’s key theme of repetition.  As would be expected from Arborist, ‘By Rote’ is melodious, sweeping and cinematic with layers and layers of delicately combined and expertly played instrumentation.  Continue reading “Video Premiere: Arborist “By Rote””

Mike Plume “Lonesome Stretch Of Highway” (Royalty Records, 2020)

Mike Plume “is a true alt-country legend in Canada, with a dozen releases since his debut in 1993,” according to his press. Having not encountered him before ‘Lonesome Stretch Of Highway’ comes as a pleasant discovery from the country end of Americana. The album hits its stride on the third song ‘Perfume and Gasoline’ a mandolin and violin driven ballad with an uncredited female singer adding to the mix. Continue reading “Mike Plume “Lonesome Stretch Of Highway” (Royalty Records, 2020)”

Pick of the Political Pops: Ryan Adams “Political Scientist”

Americana-UK Towers is situated, as you know, in The People’s Republic of Liverpudlia and we thought it might be nice for you folks to know how we have handled the present travails and what we are doing to win the war against this pesky bug. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Ryan Adams “Political Scientist””

Steve Forbert “Early Morning Rain” (Blue Rose Music, 2020)

In more than forty years of recording Steve Forbert has released a phenomenal number of truly fine albums, appearing at first with a brash new take on folk-rock on ‘Alive on Arrival‘ and ‘Jackrabbit Slim‘, and evolving over the years into a more country-influenced style of storytelling. He’s produced a tribute album to Jimmie Rodgers and this – a few album tracks like ‘When You Walk in the Room‘ and the live ‘Starstruck‘ aside – is the extent of his excursion into the world of other people’s songs. Until now. Continue reading “Steve Forbert “Early Morning Rain” (Blue Rose Music, 2020)”

Margo Price releases new live album featuring Emmylou and Sturgill

Margo Price has announced the surprise release of a new live album, ‘Perfectly Imperfect at The Ryman’. Out today exclusively on Bandcamp, all proceeds benefit the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund, and while Margo has been working on putting the energy of those gigs back out into the world ever since they happened, she couldn’t wait any longer. Continue reading “Margo Price releases new live album featuring Emmylou and Sturgill”

Video: Lisa Akuah “Natural Worrier”

Lisa Akuah has a lovely, clear voice and an ear for an engaging melody.  ‘Natural Worrier’ is the newly released single from the Berlin singer-songwriter.  Layers of guitar and cello give depth to this folk ballad about inner turmoil and the feelings of self-doubt when relationships unravel.  The haunting video was shot around the lakes and moors of Berlin and complements the song well. Lisa Akuah is one to watch.