Grammy 2020 Americana nominations announced

The nominations have been announced for the 63rd annual Grammy awards which are due to take place on January 31st 2021, and amongst the three thousand odd categories are of course Best Americana Album and Best American Roots song. In the former category, the nominees include Hiss Golden Messenger ‘Terms of Surrender’, Sarah Jarosz ‘World on the Ground’, Marcus King ‘El Dorado’, Lucinda Williams ‘Good Souls Better Angels’ and Courtney Marie Andrews ‘Old Flowers’ which comes hot on the heels of nominations for Best International Artist and Best International Album at the 2021 Americana Association UK Awards also due to take place in January. Continue reading “Grammy 2020 Americana nominations announced”

Courtney Marie Andrews “Old Flowers” (Loose/Fat Possum Records, 2020)

Courtney Marie Andrews has gone from strength to strength since the release of her acclaimed 2018 album ‘May Your Kindness Remain’, earning an Emerging Artist of the Year nomination at the 2018 Americana Music Association Honors & Awards. She has also toured extensively, including shows with Brandi Carlile, The Head and the Heart, and the late John Prine. This latest release continues Andrews’ run of form; ‘Old Flowers’ is an achingly beautiful break-up record of the highest order.  Continue reading “Courtney Marie Andrews “Old Flowers” (Loose/Fat Possum Records, 2020)”

Interview: Courtney Marie Andrews discusses her new album fuelled by heartache, reflection & release

Over the past few years Courtney Marie Andrews has basically charmed the socks off us all. From the first listen to her breakthrough album ‘Honest Life’ and a string of sensational, sassy and ultimately charming live shows, it was clear that here was a major talent in the making. ‘Old Flowers‘ set for release on Loose Music on July 24th once again underlines that opinion and provides yet another stone in the foundation to what will be a long and inspired musical career.  At it’s heart ‘Old Flowers‘ is a personal, at times heart-wrenching narrative of her break-up with a longtime partner, yet dig a little deeper and you are mining those universal themes of solitude, reflection, hope – a regaining of strength, acceptance and moving forward.  At times you are never sure you should be listening, it all feels so intimate, emotional, cathartic even yet, as is always the case, music is a great healer both to the artist and the listener. We can all bathe in it’s melancholic pool. Americana-UK spoke to Andrews, holed-up in her home during a US lockdown about how heartbreak shaped the album and how personal albums often connect to us all the most easily.

Continue reading “Interview: Courtney Marie Andrews discusses her new album fuelled by heartache, reflection & release”

Courtney Marie Andrews “How You Get Hurt” – Listen

The new album ‘Old Flowers‘ is out on the 24th of this month on Loose / Fat Possum Records, but you can hear this masterclass in aching right now.  Courtney Marie Andrews doesn’t hold back on ‘How You Get Hurt‘, reciting a string of romantic recollections and then stomping them underfoot.  What’s the point in falling in love “if it doesn’t work out“? Bruised is to put it mildly to describe the vocal. Continue reading “Courtney Marie Andrews “How You Get Hurt” – Listen”

Video: Courtney Marie Andrews “It Must Be Someone Else’s Fault”

We start the week with a new video from the wonderful Courtney Marie Andrews.  She says: “This is a song rooted in taking ownership of our own story and pain and the message was something I’d tried to put in a song for a long time.”  As you would expect of Andrews, the lyrics and vocal performance are simply beautiful.  Continue reading “Video: Courtney Marie Andrews “It Must Be Someone Else’s Fault””

10 Americana songs with great lyrics

Mark Underwood continues with the fourth in his irregular feature on music by great songwriters with great lyrics, this time taking you through classics from the likes of Gretchen Peters, Kathleen Edwards, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits. Continue reading “10 Americana songs with great lyrics”

Classic Americana Albums: Courtney Marie Andrews “Honest Life” (Loose, 2017)

Courtney Marie Andrews ‘Honest Life’ beholds some life-affirming writing. The use of confessional and observational writing coupled with the liquid cool backdrop of the band make this album quite simply, an unmissable modern-day classic of Americana. Released in the good company of the Mama Bird Recording Co in 2016 and Loose in 2017, this album put Andrews in good stead for the future, but getting there did not manifest overnight. This makes it one of the most alluring features as it was actually Andrews’ 6th album, shining a light on the fact that dedication and passion will ultimately prevail. Continue reading “Classic Americana Albums: Courtney Marie Andrews “Honest Life” (Loose, 2017)”

Video: Courtney Marie Andrews “Burlap String”

Here is the new video from Courtney Marie Andrews, featuring stunning landscapes, lyrical storytelling and her gorgeous vocals.  Andrews is currently one of the most highly regarded Americana singer-songwriters out there.  The 2018 Americana Music Association UK Award-winner is certainly a favourite here at AUK.  This song is taken from her forthcoming album, ‘Old Flowers’, due for release on 5th June.  ‘Old Flowers’ promises to be Andrews’ most intimate, personal record to date.  It was written as she came to terms with the end of a long-term relationship.  Amongst the honesty and heart-break, there’s hope as Andrews managed to find herself again. Continue reading “Video: Courtney Marie Andrews “Burlap String””

Courtney Marie Andrews announces new album “Old Flowers”

And some UK dates too! Singer, songwriter and musician Courtney Marie Andrews, who won our female artist of the year back in 2018, has announced the release of a new album ‘Old Flowers’ which is due 5th June on Loose / Fat Possum Records. In advance of the release, the new album track, ‘If I Told’ is premiering today too – you can listen to it below. Continue reading “Courtney Marie Andrews announces new album “Old Flowers””

Sounds of the New West Volume 5 out with new Uncut

For those of us who have been around long enough, you’ll remember that way back in the sands of time, two decades ago in fact, Uncut had a cover-mounted CD called Sounds of the New West which was instrumental in a lot of people’s introduction to the americana genre. Continue reading “Sounds of the New West Volume 5 out with new Uncut”