What Is This Americana Thing Anyway…?

This week in our occasional series in which we ask the Americana UK staff writers and contributors to give us a handle on the what, whys and wherefores that got them into the genre, Tim Martin goes up before the beak to explain himself to the gathered hoard. Apparently he’s not a punk or a heavy metal drummer (at least not anymore if ever he was). Read on to find out exactly where he does stand… Continue reading “What Is This Americana Thing Anyway…?”

AmericanA to Z – Buffalo Springfield

B is for… Could it be The Byrds, Bardo Pond, The Band, Bill Mallonee, The Bible, Bill Fay, Bennett Wilson Poole, Ben Howard, Ben Folds, Beck, Band of Heathens, Band of Horses, Barzin or any of the countless others in my collection beginning with B that could be considered Americana? Well it could but for this article it’s the Buffalo Springfield!  Continue reading “AmericanA to Z – Buffalo Springfield”

It’s time to vote in this year’s Americana UK readers poll

You know when you were younger and your parents would say “I can’t believe it’s Christmas again” while to you the last time Christmas happened felt like half your life away – maybe because if you were 2 years old, it literally was. Anyway you are your parents now and yes we’re here again – if nothing else, let’s celebrate that, these days it’s not a guarantee. Head over to our voting page to make your choices – as always, some of these categories do come down to a handful of votes, so every one really will count. You can vote until December 15th 2019.  Happy votings!

What Is This Americana Thing Anyway…?

More of our popular feature “What Is This…?” now folks. This time US based writer Steven Rafferty spills the beans on his big man’s old console or even his system’s console big man or even his old man’s console system (big). Whatever, we are fairly sure that pedestals are involved and he was a one time bassist. To find out why read on… Continue reading “What Is This Americana Thing Anyway…?”

Songs for the apocalypse: Miranda Lee Richards “Tokyo’s Dancing”

Miranda Lee Richards is an LA-based singer-songwriter who was born in San Francisco after the summer of love, growing up in an artistic and bohemian environment that has informed her adult life and work – her parents are well-known underground comic book artists Ted Richards and Terre Richards. By the time her album ‘Echoes of a Dreamtime’ was released in the depths of winter 2016 Richards had been recording for 15 years, but only came to my attention in one of those nights where whiskey seems more appealing than bed. Winter can do that to you.

The great AUK Avetts’ new album debate

We published our review of the Avett Brothers’ new record ‘Closer Than Together’ yesterday which it’s fair to say isn’t going to be on our writer Steven Rafferty’s albums of the year list. As an editor, it gave me palpitations as it’s (spoiler alert) absolutely one of mine. Rather than throw my toys out of the pram, Steven and I have exchanged emails on the record. This is how our discussion went. Continue reading “The great AUK Avetts’ new album debate”

AmericanA to Z – Alison Krauss (and Union Station)

In the first run through the alphabet of Americana we focused on some artists who weren’t particularly big names. For the start of this pass at the A to Z we are looking at someone with 27 Grammy Awards and a stack of gold and platinum records. Alison Krauss started recording with Union Station in 1987 at the age of 16. Initially she enjoyed patchy success with her early singles and albums. The 1995 compilation ‘Now That I’ve Found You: A Collection’ was her breakthrough, with The Foundations ‘Baby, Now That I’ve Found You’ and ‘When You Say Nothing at All’, originally a hit for Keith Whitley pushing the album to the upper reaches of the country charts. Continue reading “AmericanA to Z – Alison Krauss (and Union Station)”

Pick of the Political Pops: Tim McGraw “My Best Friend”

As we pointed out last week (our regular reader will remember) The Editor – ever a man to reflect the zeitgeist – has determined that now is the time for the Americana-UK decennial election. For the uninitiated we are a democratic organisation and hold regular elections for those in high office. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Tim McGraw “My Best Friend””

AmericanA-Z – Yola

When our esteemed editor assigned his worker-writers their alphabetical letters for this journey through the wonderful world of Americana, this contributor’s first reaction was “Well, what have I done to deserve X, Y, or Z?! What am I supposed to do with these letters??” Hmmm… Of course, with a little more restrained thought and review, it was clear the tail end of the alphabet provides an extremely rich vein of astonishing artists and albums from which to choose, so the next question becomes, OK….which one? Continue reading “AmericanA-Z – Yola”

Pick of the Political Pops: Billy Joel “We Didn’t Start The Fire”

The Editor – a surly cove to some and a man of wealth and taste to others – has determined that it is time for the Great Americana-UK Towers Decennial Electionfest. Much, much, much more to come on that in the coming weeks here on your unfavourite poli-blog but this week we were more concerned with a new report into a certain tragedic happening of note. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Billy Joel “We Didn’t Start The Fire””