Patterson Hood on DBT’s band name: “I sincerely apologize for its stupidity”

Drive-By Truckers frontman Patterson Hood has written a new op-ed for NPR in which he apologises to fans for the band’s name. “Our name was a drunken joke that was never intended to be in rotation and reckoned with two-and-a-half decades later, and I sincerely apologize for its stupidity and any negative stereotypes it has propagated,” he wrote near the end of the column. “I’m not sure changing it now serves any higher purpose, but I’m certainly open to suggestions.” Continue reading “Patterson Hood on DBT’s band name: “I sincerely apologize for its stupidity””

Video Premiere: Jerry Joseph with Drive By Truckers “Days of Heaven”

Though less well-known on our side of the pond, Jerry Joseph is a hugely respected songwriter, championed by the likes of Jason Isbell and Patterson Hood of Drive By Truckers. Indeed the Truckers are such fans of his work that Hood has produced Joseph’s upcoming album and the band have backed him on the new record.  Today, we’re announcing that the new album ‘The Beautiful Madness’ will drop on 21st August on Decor Records and we’re celebrating with this fabulous video premiere of ‘Days of Heaven’Continue reading “Video Premiere: Jerry Joseph with Drive By Truckers “Days of Heaven””

Drive-By Truckers sing quarantine song together – Watch

There have been a lot of songs played in isolation over recent weeks, many of them of course via our dear little mini-gig series (which we often schedule for 3.45 so the sun is over the yard-arm, etc.) and in this spirit, the five members of Drive-By Truckers have got together to record a kind of love song called ‘Quarantine Together’ which imagines dating in the current climate, with Patterson Hood promising to stay six feet away from his latest love interest – at least for the time being. “Through the miracles of science and technology, DBT has recorded a brand new single,” Hood wrote from his home in Portland, Oregon: “I wrote [it] during our first week in isolation and sent my basic track (recorded in my Heathen Attic) to the gang. Everyone then put their own parts on it and David Barbe mixed it.” Hood and fellow Trucker Mike Cooley will also play individual live stream shows on May 6th and May 8th respectively which will be available via

Pickathon presents a concert a day – starting with Drive By Truckers

Long-running Portland, Oregon festival Pickathon has announced a new series of concerts for the next 2 months entitled ‘A Concert A Day’. The initiative has been set up to help musicians and artist communities through the Recording Academy’s MusiCares organization, with the rationale that during the current more or less worldwide lockdown, with so many artists unable to tour and so many people stuck at home, they are opening the vaults to premiere one full concert a day for 60 days, streaming for free on Facebook, Amazon Music’s Twitch channel, and on YouTube. And if you want to make a donation, all proceeds will go to MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund. Continue reading “Pickathon presents a concert a day – starting with Drive By Truckers”

Ten cool songs about Jesus

Church attendance figures in the United States can seem quite staggering to us, largely secular, limeys. Around 45% attend on a regular basis compared to just 7% in the UK. In addition, many other Americans strongly identify with Christianity, even if they are not regular church-goers. Furthermore, the South, from where much of the music we champion comes from,  accounts for 11 of the top 12 states for highest level of active worship (the exception is Utah), each being higher than the national average. Continue reading “Ten cool songs about Jesus”

Drive-By Truckers “The Unraveling” (ATO Records, 2020)

‘The Unravelling’, the 12th studio release by Drive-By Truckers pulls no punches, let us be upfront about that. As such it may well divide opinion as much and the increasingly bifurcated world on which it provides caustic comment. Musically it could make many friends. Some songs roll on a riffing piano superstructure that supports Mike Cooley’s and Patterson Hood’s instinctually complimentary guitar playing, others escalate the meter to full out rock and there is judicious use of acoustic guitar and strings.  The musical canvas on which the Drive-By Trucks paint their exhaustive observations of their homeland is first class. The usual band signature is evident – southern rock infused with country and filtered through Replacements-like brio. Continue reading “Drive-By Truckers “The Unraveling” (ATO Records, 2020)”

Pick of the Political Pops: Drive By Truckers “Surrender Under Protest”

This week – once again – we are riffing on the broad theme of ‘democracy’ and how it manifests itself. We thought that this time around we’d look at how it’s done in America since we have a passing interest in things American (the clue is in the title). Now, we thought we knew a bit about their process here in the UK (the clue is in the title) but it really does bear closer examination if only to marvel at the intricacies of the thing. The “Youknaghted Staytes of Uhmerica” (said in our best/worst drawl) is a republic. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Drive By Truckers “Surrender Under Protest””

Video: Drive-By Truckers “Thoughts and Prayers”

Here’s a marvellous new lyric video from Drive-By Truckers.  It’s full of images of gun-control marches with lyrics displayed on protest signs – clever presentation and totally engaging.  ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ is taken from new album, ‘The Unraveling’, which dropped on 31st January.  Through ‘The Unraveling’, the Truckers take a long, hard look at the state of things in the USA in election year.  Continue reading “Video: Drive-By Truckers “Thoughts and Prayers””

Drive By Truckers “Thoughts And Prayers” – Listen

The latest single from the Drive By Truckers upcoming album ‘The Unraveling‘ (which is, by the by, totally superb) is ‘Thought and Prayers‘ a song that is powerful in its direct opposition to indiscriminate gun killing.  And more than that, there’s a lashing of anger reserved for the powerless powerful who wring their hands, say “so sad” and finish off by stating that all the victims are in their “Thoughts and prayers“.  Lot of good that’s doing, the Drive By Truckers point out. Continue reading “Drive By Truckers “Thoughts And Prayers” – Listen”