Video: Barry Jones “The Journey”

Barry Jones is one half of Liverpool’s Southbound Attic Band who have become something of a sensation around these parts for a particular song of theirs which involves a sausage. Probably the best song ever to involve a sausage we’d wager after LadBaby’s ‘I Love Sausage Rolls’. Barry indeed once upon a time was AUK’s Interviews Editor and so his connection with the site is both set in stone and written in blood. His new track ‘The Journey’ is inspired by Leonard Cohen’s letter to muse Marianne Ihlen just before her death in 2016.

Video: Hollie Rogers “City of Colour”

Hollie Rogers has a stunning voice and it’s used to full effect on her latest single, ‘City of Colour’.  It’s powerful and emotional.  Having performed at various festivals, including Glastonbury, Black Deer and Isle of White, she’s building a great reputation founded on those soaring vocals.  Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) has described her as: “Reminiscent of Carole King and Joni Mitchell. Amazing voice.” Continue reading “Video: Hollie Rogers “City of Colour””

Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Jeremy Pinnell

When times are tough, we need to find ways to come together and celebrate.  Many of us find joy in live music… now that’s in short supply at the moment, so we’re sharing ‘mini-gigs’ from great artists to compensate.  Jeremy Pinnell has a wonderfully characterful voice, used to full effect on Gary Stewart’s ‘Blue Ribbon Blues’ and ‘Big Bright World’ from his debut solo album, ‘OH / KY’Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Jeremy Pinnell”

Video: Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real “Movie in My Mind”

A new release from Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real is always cause for celebration. Nelson writes such open, romantic lyrics so effectively. When he sings: “You’re the best one for the part to play the one I give my heart,”  it’s authentic, believable and easy to relate to.  He constructs beautiful melodies and then delivers them with a distinctive, engaging voice and this song is another good example.  Continue reading “Video: Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real “Movie in My Mind””

Video: Siv Jakobsen “Fear the Fear”

‘Fear the Fear’ by Siv Jakobsen is gently, eerily beautiful.  The video has her finding her way in the dark and complements the emotionally intense song well.  The Norwegian singer-songwriter continues to explore these themes of fear and anxiety on her forthcoming album, ‘A Temporary Soothing’, due for release on 24th April.  The combination of the spare, folk sound and Jakobsen’s haunting vocal is mesmerising.  Have a good week, everybody!

Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Jerry Leger

What a fantastic way to close out a week of exclusive AUK mini-gigs!  Every day this week, we have brought you a different artist, showcasing their talent and performing just for you.  It’s a small gesture to make up for all those cancelled gigs and it’s a little light in the darkness.  Today, that shining light is Jerry Leger. Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Jerry Leger”

Video Premiere: Maya Rae “Moon Girl”

Maya Rae’s clear and powerful voice shines on ‘Moon Girl’.  Rae’s emotive vocal is buoyed by excellent performances from all the players, particularly the gorgeous pedal steel, and it’s a joy to see them at work on this live recording from the studio.  The song is taken from upcoming album ‘Can You See Me?’, which was produced by the Canadian multi-instrumentalist, Steve Dawson, now based in Nashville.  Check out the album when it drops on 24th April.

Video: Jennah Barry “Big Universe”

This is lush, layered, timeless music from Jennah Barry.  The Nova Scotia-based singer releases her second album, ‘Holiday’, today.  The album title is a humorous reference to the long career break Barry was forced to take due to vocal surgery.  The album’s themes reflect that pause in her life and her recovery.  The video for the album’s lead single sees Barry getting ready to take to the stage and then performing alone.  She says: “I worked with three really great women on the music video and had a very life-affirming experience. We went overboard with a haze machine and created a storyline for a woman who plays big for no one.”

Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Satin Nickel

Here’s another exclusive house-gig from Americana UK.  We’re bringing these to you to help keep the nation smiling!  This is a great opportunity for us to see some fabulous songs performed in new ways.  It’s also a platform for artists who are stuck at home to show us what they can do.  Today we are delighted to share this exclusive recording from Samantha Aneson and Morgan Hollingsworth of New York band Satin Nickel. Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Satin Nickel”

Video: Ben Kunder “Berlin”

This is a visually beautiful, creative video from Ben Kunder, which was directed by Christopher Mills.  There’s a dreamy quality to it.  Kunder explains: “We wanted to create a world that felt more like you were in an abstract graphic novel lost in time. These are my memories of Berlin; the spots I played, where I walked to get a coffee, met locals, cried in the streets, visited museums.”  The song is taken from ‘Searching for the Stranger’, due for release on 29th May.  One to watch out for.