Neil Young’s home is lost to Californian fires

Neil Young has been raging against Donald Trump again following his response to the Californian fires also raging at the moment, and given that his own home has now apparently been destroyed he’s understandably not a happy man. Billboard have reported: “The Canadian rock legend broke the sad new with a post on the Neil Young Archives, in which he blasted Donald Trump’s reluctance to act on climate change and for the president’s steadfast denial of scientific evidence.  Continue reading “Neil Young’s home is lost to Californian fires”

Cam Penner and Jon Wood all set to tour the UK

A Canadian duo much loved by Americana-UK return to the UK for a tour starting on Wednesday of this week. Cam Penner and his trusted full time collaborator, Jon Wood, return for just over two weeks of touring in support of their brand new album ‘At War With Reason.’ Penner is a true artisan of the roots-americana genre, crafting songs in his homemade recording studio tucked away in the woods behind his remote British Columbia home. Continue reading “Cam Penner and Jon Wood all set to tour the UK”

Americana UK launches our gig guide (at last!)

Well it’s been a while coming, apologies for that, but we laboured with a fairly, er, laborious system for some weeks before realising it was crap and we’d have to start again. Huge thanks to John Vaites for putting in some time to making this work.  The guide will hopefully develop into the main place for finding out what’s going on in and around wherever you are in the country. Continue reading “Americana UK launches our gig guide (at last!)”

Springsteen on Broadway recording arrives in December

We never made it out to New York to catch ‘Springsteen on Broadway,’ for some inexplicable reason the tickets for the all expenses paid press junket just didn’t arrive. Not that we’re complaining you understand… But if, like us, you didn’t make it to Broadway for Springsteen’s intimate (for him) series of shows the good news is that the show is coming to youContinue reading “Springsteen on Broadway recording arrives in December”

UK Americana Awards 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award to go to Graham Nash

And we’ve got details of other awards here too. The fourth annual  UK  Americana Awards will take place on Thursday 31st January  2019  at  HackneyEmpire, and the AMA-UK has chosen Graham Nash to receive its highest honour, the  2019 Lifetime Achievement Award, in recognition of his contribution to the  Americana genre over the span of his career and life in music. Continue reading “UK Americana Awards 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award to go to Graham Nash”

Mavis Staples has a new live album out soon

Not only a new live album, but a new live album recorded at The Union Chapel in London.  Recorded earlier this year across two nights – one of which Americana-UK attended and was suitably impressed with (read the review here) – it captures Mavis Staples and her band in truly fine form in a venue which she describes as “the best place in the world to sing“.   As well as many classic songs Mavis Staples is grateful for the new material that comes to her, saying “I’ve stretched out—I’m singing songs that rock stars have written for me, but they know me and the kind of songs I want to sing.” Continue reading “Mavis Staples has a new live album out soon”

Seasick Steve has a UK tour this month

Steve Wold, the man behind the beard, hasn’t had a UK tour since 2015, it’s been festivals and conquering the world as Seasick Steve since then.  Oh, and putting out a new album (‘Can U Cook?‘) which was favourably reviewed right here on Americana-UK.  So it’s great to be able to say that Seasick will be hitting the UK roads with his collection of under-stringed instruments this month, kicking off in Cambridge this coming Friday. Continue reading “Seasick Steve has a UK tour this month”

Book Review: Clinton Heylin “What We Did Instead of Holidays (Route Publishing, 2018)

Given the number of books that have been written about the various members of Fairport Convention and the band itself, you might be forgiven for thinking that there’s very little left to say about them; but you’d be wrong, as Clinton Heylin’s excellent new book “What We Did Instead of Holidays” shows. Heylin is a rock historian of some note, having written biographies of artists such as Dylan, Springsteen, Van Morrison and others, as well as books on the history of bootleg recordings and the development and pre-history of Punk. He’s also, it would appear, quite the Fairport Convention fan. The book is factual and insightful but is clearly written by someone with a deep understanding of, and interest in, the band. Continue reading “Book Review: Clinton Heylin “What We Did Instead of Holidays (Route Publishing, 2018)”

Grateful Dead present 30 Days of November 2018

Yes, once more it’s time for a gentle reminder that it is now the most wonderful time of the year.  Yes, ’tis the season to be jolly – as the Grateful Dead archives are opened once more and a full month’s worth of rare and hardly heard tracks are made available for free download.  Whch is to say, it’s ‘30 Days of Dead 2018‘. Continue reading “Grateful Dead present 30 Days of November 2018”

The Roundhouse announces In The Round 2019 shows

Now in its fourth year, the Roundhouse has announced details of In the Round 2019, a series of shows devoted to intimate performances set in the venue’s main space, staged in a rarely seen fully-seated concert set up. Since its inception in 2016, and as part of the venue’s commitment to developing emerging talent, each night young artists who use the Roundhouse’s Paul Hamlyn Roundhouse Studios will perform as support acts for the headline artist.  Former artists in this series include John Cale, Ghetts, Lambchop, Nadine Shah, Matthew E White and Marianne Faithfull. Continue reading “The Roundhouse announces In The Round 2019 shows”