Studio Life: Bandits on the Run

Bandits on the Run combine a range of genres with catchy hooks and excellent musicianship.  The result is a modern, fresh sound and, at the heart of it, is the trio’s fabulous harmonic vocals.  Known for their creative live performances and theatrical style, the three have even taken on bandit alter-egos. Sydney Torin Shepherd, Adrian Blake Enscoe and Regina Strayhorn are talented individuals; together, the blend is hugely enjoyable.  They have just released a new short film, featuring both the A-side and B-side versions of their single ‘Love in the Underground’.   AUK spoke to the Bandits to explore the song and video in a little more detail. Continue reading “Studio Life: Bandits on the Run”

Studio Life: Kerri Watt

You may have seen Kerri Watt performing at various festivals, including Glastonbury, Celtic Connections and the Cambridge Folk Festival.  You may have heard her on Bob Harris’s BBC Radio 2 show.  You may have seen her supporting popular acts like Curse of Lono.  The Scottish singer-songwriter is certainly building a reputation as an energetic performer with an ear for a catchy melody.  Kerri Watt had a busy 2019 but 2020 looks set to be a real breakthrough year.  AUK caught up with Watt to explore the ‘story’ behind the title track of her upcoming album, ‘Chasing Aeroplanes’, which will be released soon. Continue reading “Studio Life: Kerri Watt”

Studio Life: Jonathan Hultén

Jonathan Hultén has just released his debut solo album, ‘Chants From Another Place’.  It’s mesmerising music inspired by acapella folk and church choir compositions. Hultén says the album, which was recorded in his own studio in Sweden, “…will thematically take you through landscapes of ecstasy, passing mountains of death and rebirth, sailing seas of adventure, traversing wastelands of despair and forests of myth. It is an inward journey and only time can tell which places will be visited under its duration. It is a tale of spiritual death and rebirth.”  Indeed, its dark, melancholy tales feel timeless. Continue reading “Studio Life: Jonathan Hultén”

Studio Life – Whitacre

Whitacre call their blend of musical influences ‘mountain rock’, which feels just right when you absorb their sound.  The Denver-based group are set to release their debut full-length album on 17th April and ‘Seasons’ promises to be an engaging listen.  They have consciously set out to create something different.  Paul Whitacre (lead vocals and rhythm guitar) says of the album: “It displays some quirky ideas, includes longer songs and more honest lyrics. We intentionally made sure that not every song on this album would fit the radio format. We stopped caring so much about that and focused on writing and recording what we bleed for.”  As the group gear up for the album’s release, Americana UK caught up with them to explore the story behind the final single before the launch. Continue reading “Studio Life – Whitacre”

Studio Life – Guise

‘The Fun Part’ is the brand new EP from Guise, the folk-pop group led by the delicate voice and songwriting talents of Jessica Guise.  She is accompanied by Titas Halder on bass, co-vocalist Laura Hanna and drummer Keith Barry.  Together, they have produced a set of confessional, intimate songs that take in life, love and loss.  Just before Guise headed out on tour to support Frank Turner, AUK caught up with Jessica Guise to find out about ‘Brother in Arms’, the group’s latest single, which is a deeply personal song about her relationship with her brother after the loss of their father when Guise was just 18.  The lyrics and video are incredibly emotive and affecting.  Take a look; it’s hard not to be moved. Continue reading “Studio Life – Guise”

Studio Life: Satin Nickel

New York band Satin Nickel are set to release their first full album this April, which will be the follow-up to their self-titled EP in 2018.  Their debut album ‘Shadow of Doubt’ is a collection of songs exploring renewal and starting over.  The band features Morgan Hollingsworth (vocals, guitar, mandolin), Samantha Aneson (vocals, guitar, banjo), Andrew Shewaga, (bass), Nikola Balac (drums) and Ariana Karp (cello).  The contrasting styles of the songwriters, Hollingsworth and Aneson, complement one another well, blending Aneson’s folk roots with a rich Americana sound.  AUK caught up with Anseon to find out more about one of the album’s key tracks, ‘Free’. Continue reading “Studio Life: Satin Nickel”

Studio Life – Jeff Karoub

Singer-songwriter, Jeff Karoub, has spent a life immersed in roots music in various forms.  His father played for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and Motown Records and Karoub has inherited those musical genes.  He recently released a new album, ‘Pieces Break’, which is a melodic collection of soulful folk songs.  Read the full review here. Continue reading “Studio Life – Jeff Karoub”

Studio Life – Roseanne Reid

This has been some year for Roseanne Reid. Her critically-acclaimed debut album, ‘Trails’, has just been named one of the records of 2019 by the Sunday Times and ‘Amy’ has been nominated in the UK song of the year category for the Americana Music Association UK Awards. The same song won the Lyric Only category at Nashville’s International Song Competition ahead of 160,000 other entries. Reid has toured with the likes of Caroline Spence, Robert Vincent and Ferris & Sylvester and she put on a spellbinding show at the Black Deer Festival. The legendary Steve Earle has championed Reid and even provided guest vocals for ‘Sweet Annie’, one of Reid’s most beautiful songs. The first single from the album was the sublime ‘I Love Her So’. Americana-UK caught up with Reid after she wrapped up her touring schedule for the year to explore the single in more detail. Continue reading “Studio Life – Roseanne Reid”

Studio Life – Yunger

Felix Junger is a talented multi-instrumentalist. He plays in a number of bands across a range of genres but his latest project is a solo indie-folk record, ‘Of Journeys and Other Longings’, released under the name Yunger. It’s a wistful album, with a sense of wonder and a yearning for travel, for new experiences, for something more. Junger’s folk-guitar underpins his modern, uplifting sound and the end result is a confident, cohesive album full of summer melodies. The singer-songwriter from Austria recorded most of the instruments and mixed the album himself, showcasing his skills on the mandolin, banjo and accordion and allowing him to create rich soundscapes to soundtrack his travels. Continue reading “Studio Life – Yunger”

Studio Life – Worry Dolls

With the imminent release of a new EP and a seven-week tour coming up, Zoe Nicol and Rosie Jones of Worry Dolls will be keeping busy this autumn. The pair met in Liverpool while studying music and soon discovered that their voices, multi-instrumental talents and song writing skills were well-matched. They have been writing and performing together ever since. Worry Dolls are a lesson in following your dreams: Nicol and Jones made the difficult decision to leave their old lives behind and move to Nashville, where they recorded their well-received debut album, ‘Go Get Gone’. Their song, ‘Endless Road’, was nominated for Song of the Year at the Americana Music Association UK Awards and they have been championed by the likes of Bob Harris. So, anticipation is high for their new EP, ‘The River’. After the new song was showcased brilliantly at The Black Deer Festival, Americana-UK caught up with Worry Dolls just before the single’s release to find out more about the inspiration and song writing process. Continue reading “Studio Life – Worry Dolls”