We’re always on the lookout for preferably UK based people who can write in half-decent (full-decent even better) English with a love of americana to write for us here at Americana UK so we can cover both gigs and the avalanche of albums we get sent to us every month. If you’re a regular visitor to the site, you’ll know that we cover a broad range of genres, ranging from left-field americana (so not the Nashville big hat type) to the more folky side of indie and everything in between. It also helps if you hang to the left so to speak.

To become one of our album reviewers: No previous experience of publication is necessary – you just need to be able to commit to writing for us for a period of time (it takes a while to set people up so preferably not 3 weeks) and be able to meet deadlines.  You’ll be sent a couple of albums a month by download link to review (although nice promoters will often send you a CD too if you ask them). Some will be amazing. Some not so amazing. Many will be artists with weird names you’ve never heard of. Your reviews don’t need to be epic – a short, punchy review is often better than a rambling essay without focus.

To cover live music for us: We’re happy to publish reviews from anywhere in the UK but are particularly keen for London based writers to join us, mainly because that’s where we get invited to for showcase gigs and we’re based oop north in Liverpool and only get offers to come and watch Beatles covers bands.

If you’d like to join the team, please drop us a line via the contacts page. We’re particularly keen to hear from underrepresented groups in our current contingent, but straight white males are also welcome! (except if you’re a Tory or make tea in the microwave). You do need to have very basic IT proficiency but only in being able to follow step by step instructions in order to upload your reviews. We aren’t able to pay writers sorry but you do get a nice AUK email address which is your golden ticket to all sorts.. a complimentary half of mild down the Shoulder of Mutton you say? It’s yours!

Please note we do not publish unsolicited submissions.