Miss Tess “True Flood” – Listen

Miss Tess was in the UK last year supporting JP Harris, so it shouldn’t be too surprising to discover that today’s song is a country rock’n’roller with a crisp jazzy piano accompaniment, a steady beat and the duetting vocals of Miss Tess and Rachael Price (of Lake Street Dive). Continue reading “Miss Tess “True Flood” – Listen”

A Picture Made “Heal” – Listen

So, imagine the editorial meeting if you will and the heated exchange which ended with the comment “so, what you’re saying is that it’s prog?“.  Well, no, not Prog as such – obviously that would be ridiculous.  Concept albums? Ha!  Well, unless it Drive By Truckers or The Decemberists.  And that Jon Boden chap is ok.  No, what A Picture Made have produced is more of a concept single. Continue reading “A Picture Made “Heal” – Listen”

Daniel Johnston “True Love Will Find You in the End” – Listen

We leave you this week dear reader with an achingly beautiful song by Daniel Johnston who died earlier this week following a heart attack. He was troubled but exceptional – as Jeff Tweedy said: “Daniel has managed to create in spite of his mental illness, not because of it. He’s been honest in his portrayal of what he’s been struggling with without overtly drawing attention to it.” True love found him in the end in the form of tributes which have been pouring in since the news of his passing was announced. RIP to another great artist whose loss will be felt keenly.

Vetiver “To Who Knows Where” – Listen

It’s been a full four years since Andy Cabic released his last album under the Vetiver name., but at long last there’s new music coming with November’s release of  ‘Up On High‘ which will be released on Loose.  The gentle and reflective ‘To who knows where‘ is the first single and a first listen will be enough to conjure up a dozen touchstones. Continue reading “Vetiver “To Who Knows Where” – Listen”

VanWyck “Supermarket Line” – Listen

News is circulating that VanWyck has completed the follow up to last year’s excellent ‘An Average Woman‘ – the new album is ‘Molten Rock‘ and will be released on November 15.  The intricate finger-picking on the uptempo lead single ‘Supermarket Line‘ hints at a more openly optimistic release this time around – well, perhaps. Continue reading “VanWyck “Supermarket Line” – Listen”

Songs for the apocalypse: Olav Larsen & the Alabama Rodeo Stars “Unhappy/Dreamer”

Olav Larsen was raised in the Norwegian town of Sandnes, his father introducing him to his vast collection of blues, including Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker and Robert Johnson, which led him on musically to the likes of Dylan, Springsteen, Guy Clark, John Prine, Steve Goodman and Townes Van Zandt. The first album he made with his band The Alabama Rodeo Stars, ‘Love’s Come to Town’, blew me away and so I invited them to play a house gig in Liverpool. The gig happened and they behaved like absolute arseholes the whole time they were in my house, which proves the point that you should never meet your heroes. I still love this song though – the instrumental between 3’00 and 3’28 is one of my favourite bits of music of all time.

Mark Erelli “Her Town Now” – Listen

Today we’ve got something special for you – all the Tracks are special of course, but some are just more equal than others.  In this example it’s a case of “two songwriters good….” as 2019 Americana Music Award for Song of the Year nominee Mark Erelli has teamed with Green on Red (and so very very very much more since) guitar enlightened being Chuck Prophet to write a slice of perfect heartbroken rock. Continue reading “Mark Erelli “Her Town Now” – Listen”

Ruston Kelly covers Dashboard Confessional’s “Screaming Infidelities” – Listen

Ruston Kelly could sing a 50-hour version of the phone book (something we had when phones had cords kids) and we’d still love it. On his forthcoming new project ‘Dirt Emo Vol. 1’ available October 11th, he covers some of his favourite artists including the Carter Family and Taylor Swift. One such cover is a version of Dashboard Confessional’s classic ‘Screaming Infidelities’ which features the band’s lead singer Chris Carrabba, along with some nice pedal steel and whispered harmonies. Have a listen. Oh and the tracklist, all eight of them, is below.

Continue reading “Ruston Kelly covers Dashboard Confessional’s “Screaming Infidelities” – Listen”

Galileo’s Fan “Arranging Time” – Listen

We are, naturally, huge fans of anyone who’ll face down an inquisition and say “e pur si muove.”  And we’re always going to be well inclined to anyone who makes a nod towards the first spacecraft to orbit Jupiter.  Hey, that’s just the way we are, and it seems fair to surmise that, judging by their band name, siblings Fi Vass (vocals/piano/keys) and Martin Vass (vocals/guitar) share this admiration. Continue reading “Galileo’s Fan “Arranging Time” – Listen”

Track Premiere: The Good Graces “Sit On Your Hands”

The indie-folk of The Good Graces is produced by songwriter, singer and guitarist Kim Ware, with core band member Jonny Daly contributing guitar, and a cast of interchanging band members on banjo, mandolin, steel guitar and piano. ‘Sit on Your Hands‘ comes from The Good Graces’ new album ‘Prose and Consciousness.’ Continue reading “Track Premiere: The Good Graces “Sit On Your Hands””