AUK’s Top 10 Americana Albums of the 21st Century: Number 9 – Gillian Welch “Time (The Revelator)” (2001)

‘Time (The Revelator)’ is a very good example of a 21st Century americana album. Gillian Welch looks and sounds like she has just walked out of the rural ‘20s, but she was born in New York and lived in Los Angeles from the age of three.  She learnt her old-time music from records having enjoyed rock’n’roll music as a teenager. She attended the Berklee College of Music to study songwriting where she met her life and musical partner, Dave Rawlings. ‘Time (The Revelator)’ was produced by Rawlings in RAC (Studio) B maintaining the sense of country music history. However, while the look and style were still the same, the songs, all written by Welch and Rawlings, referenced more rock’n’roll influences. This is why Gillian Welch has been such an influence on the likes of Robert Plant and Robyn Hitchcock.

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